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5 Unique Literary Candles That Smell Like Books!

Aside from candles inspired by reading genres and concepts, Novelly Yours also has literary candles that smell like books. Love that new book page smell? Browsing through old bookstores? We’ve got you covered!

CURRENTLY READING · book pages, coffee, cotton

“Currently Reading” was originally inspired by the #currentlyreading hashtag on Instagram and has become such a customer favorite over the years! This book-scented candle brings to life the scents of cracking open a book with a hot cup of coffee and snuggled up with a blanket! The scent is soft and deep with aromas of freshly-printed book pages, roasted coffee, and clean cotton.

This candle has been in our bookish candle line-up for a long time and is such a classic part of the Novelly Yours collection! Looking for one candle to pick out? This is the most recommended!

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ANTIQUE BOOKSHOP · paper, leather, dust, amber

Antique Bookshop · bookish scented candle & literary gift

Old bookstores have such nostalgia, and the Antique Bookshop candle was inspired by browsing the stacks of vintage books in an old book shop! This candle is all earthy notes with scents of aging pages, leather covers, soft dust, and rich amber.

This candle is popular among our regular customers and also our bookstore stockists! Maybe you can even find one in a store near you

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LOCAL INDIE · new paperbacks, bookshelves, hot cider

Picture yourself strolling through your local independent bookstore with a cup of hot cider in your hand. That’s where the theme for this candle came from! The Local Indie candle was inspired by an actual personal experience where I got to browse my local bookshop on “Cider Monday”, when one of my local Indies handed out warm apple cider to customers during the week after Thanksgiving. The woodsy notes of the paper scent blend with woody bookshelf aromas and the spicy cider puts the soothing finishing touches on this warm fragrance!

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BOOK CLUB · red wine, cozy fire, book pages

book-inspired "Book Club" candle with wine red label sits in front of red brick background

Not into the earthy aromas? The Book Club candle is full of fruity scents! This candle still has the aroma of book pages but the red wine fragrances kick off this book-scented candle. Spicy red wines blend with cozy fire and finish with that book page smell for another interesting take on candles that smell like books!

This candle is perfect to accompany your reading time or grab one to burn at your next Book Club meeting!

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WRITING DESK · mahogany, dark chocolate, coconut

How about some literary candles for our writers & authors? The Writing Desk candle kicks off with a mahogany aroma and also has a sweetness to it! Dark chocolate gives it some rich, bakery vibes and coconut adds a soothing foodie fragrance to give an overall lushness to this bookish aroma.

Looking for other writing-inspired candles? Don’t miss Plot Twist and First Draft!

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scented soy wax candle labeled "Science Fiction" sitting on on a black saucer in front of a stack of sci-fi books

Ever thought of what your favorite genres might smell like? There’s a whole collection of bookish candles with scents inspired by the genres they represent! From Fantasy to Romance and more, even just the topics of our favorite books evoke some inspiration for fragrances.

The Science Fiction candle is an unusual but refreshing combination of clean fog, icy mint, stainless steel, and “moondust”. This candle pulled themes from sci-fi novels — whether they’re in space or in a lab, this candle has the genre covered!

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Which of these literary candles catch your eye? Don’t miss our other book-themed candles (and other gifts too!) featured in our Literary Collection!

Want to see the Literary Collection in action? See more on the Novelly Yours Tik-Tok