scented soy wax candle featuring "currently reading" title on a tan label on a decorative background
cotton canvas tote bag "this is my book bag" library tote bag, bookish shoulder bag
sandalwood spice scented soy wax candle in glass tumbler jar with bronze lid


Novelly Yours was started by owner and candle-maker Brittany Smith in 2015. A passion for books and a hobby with candle-making led to a bookish business creating candles inspired by her favorite novels. Throughout the years, the book collections have evolved and transformed into a line of literary candles for all bookworms and even extending to other gifts and goods with bookish designs!

The shop is now run by Brittany and her husband Shane, who joined the team full-time in 2021. The company expanded from just candles into adding other items like stickers, enamel pins, tote bags, mugs, and other fun goodies to fit with the current themes. 


All Novelly Yours candles are made with 100% all-natural soy wax, a combination of essential oils and fragrance oils designed specifically for candle-making, and zinc-free cotton wicks. Each candle scent is a unique blend of fragrance oils that Brittany combines in-house. 

The candles are hand-poured by Brittany in the Novelly Yours shop located in Oswego, Illinois. Each candle is carefully created from start to finish with the Novelly Yours team handling everything from creation to shipping! A personal touch goes into every order, whether that’s here at the website, for our retailers who purchase wholesale, or even to bulk orders that go into subscription boxes!

Soy wax candles

100% soy wax candles with cotton wicks featuring themes like literary, moody, travel, home, and beverage! 


An ever-growing sticker collection is always popular! Choose from several bookish designs plus a hint of mood and exploration. 

Reading tracker

New in 2022, the Reading Tracker was a hit! Keep track of your reads for the year, rate them, and keep track of all kinds of bookish stats!

Enamel pins

A sure way to show off your loves, we have a collection of pins to display any way you want to!

There's something for everyone at novelly yours...

The inventory list is constantly growing here at Novelly Yours! From candles to stickers to pins — and more! Make sure you check out the full product selection in our shop, and don’t forget to check on that popular Reading Tracker, coming back for 2023!

meet our team

The Faces Behind the Brand

Brittany Smith

owner · candle-maker · design

Shane smith

owner · logistics · innovation

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subscription boxes & more!

We love working with subscription boxes and authors to create the perfect custom candles for their themes, promotions, and more! Want to know more about our bulk, wholesale, and custom services? Stop by the Bulk & Wholesale page for more information or email brittany@novellyyourscandles.com!