Novelly Yours is your home for candles made with carefully curated fragrance blends and all-natural soy wax. The company began with a heavy inspiration from books and reading and added other lines for the home for all candle lovers, whether they’re bookworms or not!


Novelly Yours began in 2015 when owner and creator Brittany Smith picked up candle-making on a whim. Looking for inspiration, she turned to her first passion and hobby, reading. Book-inspired candles were some of the first that she made and a few months later in November 2015, she launched the company to share her creations with other readers of her favorite novels. 

Along the way, Brittany launched various lines of candles for the home that weren’t limited to a book theme. The Happy + Home candle line began as a way to explore new fragrance blends without limitations, and the Enigmatic Aromas collection followed a while later for a group of moodier, darker scents.

Novelly Yours also continues to feature book-inspired boxes including a variety of candles and other book-related goodies all wrapped up in a custom box, as well as independent array of book-inspired enamel pins. 

Starting in 2021, Brittany’s husband Shane officially joined the Novelly Yours team full-time, assisting with tasks such as logistics, shipping, marketing, and innovation. 



All Novelly Yours Candles are made with all-natural soy wax, candle-specific fragrances oils, and zinc-free cotton wicks. All candle ingredients and containers are US-sourced and cruelty-free. 

On occasion, customers may see some “frosting” of the wax (the appearance of crystallization) but this is 100% common in soy wax candles due to the cooling and curing process of the wax when it contains fragrances and dye. This in no way affects the scent throw or performance of a candle. 

All candles are hand-poured by Brittany in her shop in Oswego, IL. 

Thanks for considering Novelly Yours for your candle choice! There are a lot of options out there and we appreciate the conscious selection to purchase from our small business!

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