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April Candles Now on Sale!

April Candles are now on sale at Novelly Yours!

Each month brings a new rotating candle selection and April has a new 8oz tin Candle of the Month and a new 12oz jar Candle of the Month! Also on sale today is a limited-release of an Ilvermorny-inspired candle set! Check them out below for more details and follow the links to the listings in the shop! 

READING WEATHER | April Candle of the Month | 8oz tin

April showers bring May flowers, or so the rhyme says, so what other candle could be more appropriate for April than one inspired by rainy days? Weather full of rain and thunderstorms are my favorite times to snuggle up with a book, a blanket, and read the day away so Reading Weather was designed to bring those smells all together in one candle!

Reading Weather is reminiscent of those rainy reading days with clean notes of rain, storms, fresh air, and cotton trees.

Reading Weather is April’s Candle of the Month and will be on sale from March 31st, 2017 – April 30th, 2017. Grab it while it’s here!

AMPLIFIERS | April Layered Candle of the Month | 12oz jar

Experience the magical powers of the various ampliers from Leigh Bardugo’s Grisha Trilogy with this new layered 12oz candle! Each layer is a different color AND a different scent, inspired by the three main amplifiers that Alina and her crew seek throughout the series. From top to bottom:

STAG: frost, ice, winter, meadow (gray-green color)
SEA WHIP: sea mist, water, rain, black sea (teal blue color)
FIREBIRD: fire, smoke, cedar (red color)

Each layer’s color is intended to match the colors of the book covers (in US paperback)! 

Amplifiers is the April layered Candle of the Month at Novelly Yours! It will be on sale from March 31st, 2017 – April 30th, 2017 so make sure you get yours before it’s gone!

NORTH AMERICAN WIZARDING SCHOOL SET | Limited Release | Four 2oz tins

I’ve been dying to put an Ilvermorny candle set together and I searched high and low and didn’t find anyone who had made one… so the time is now, friends! I put this set of four North American Wizarding School houses together in one boxed set for your candle enjoyment!

This set is on sale based on a LIMITED QUANTITY so be sure to grab yours ASAP! Once they’re sold out, there won’t be any more. If the demand is great, I may make a second release but I don’t make any promises on that yet so don’t delay!


ADVENTURERS: cotton, fresh air, grass, powder
HEALERS: lavender chamomile, lemon verbena, spearmint
WARRIORS: leather, cotton, cedar, storms
Earl grey tea, apple, lemon cake

Each set also comes with a bookmark detailing each candle. 

Check out all of the new candles in the shop for more details and purchase options! Each Candle of the Month is on sale now through April 30th, 2017 and the North American Wizarding School Set is available while supplies last!