Aside from candles inspired by book passages, Novelly Yours also has candles that smell like books. Love that book page smell? A bookish character? Novelly Yours has your book scents covered!

CURRENTLY READING | Book pages, coffee, cotton


“Currently Reading” was inspired by the #currentlyreading hashtag on Instagram and brings to life the scents of cracking open a book with a hot cup of coffee and snuggled up with a blanket! This candle smells like fresh book pages, coffee, and notes of cotton.

INTELLIGENT | Books & tea

Intelligent wizards are known for their cleverness, intelligence, and penchant for studying so the INTELLIGENT candle smells like books & tea! Notes of paper, parchment, and tea make up the scents of this comforting and studious-smelling candle!

THE DREAMER | Strange the Dreamer-Inspired candle

This candle smells like Lazlo Strange, wonderful character of STRANGE THE DREAMER and notorious librarian. Grab whiffs of sandalwood and musk all on top of a bed of book pages!

Which of these actual book-scented candles catch your eye? Are you more of a contemporary Currently Reading person or do you love the smell of Antique Books?