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Candles of the Rainbow: Beautiful Blue

Feeling blue? That’s not always a bad thing! Blue is my favorite color and there are so many candles in shades of blue available in the shop! If you’re also a fan of this awesome color, check out some of the blue/teal candles on sale right now!

Updated 02/01/2018

THE MUSE | Strange the Dreamer-inspired candle

The Muse is such an interesting and wonderful scent, inspired by Sarai’s description in STRANGE THE DREAMER! Peach nectar, rosemary, and fresh air combine for this fruity, succulent scent!

INTELLIGENT | Wizarding-Inspired Candle

Representing my own Wizarding house, Intelligent is the resident candle for those who are wise and clever! Smells of books and tea represent all those hours studying over parchment!

BOOK BOYFRIEND | Bookish fandom candle

Everyone has a book boyfriend and whether it’s from a fantasy book or contemporary (or anything in between) this candle will fill your home with masculine and yet soft scents of cologne and clean cotton!

SCARLET | The Lunar Chronicles-inspired Candle

SCARLET is one of four Lunar Chronicles-inspired candles (each representing a different leading lady) and this is truly one of my favorite scents in the shop! I imagined Scarlet out working on Benoit Farms and Gardens with the smell of fruit (mainly citrus), fresh air, and clean rain!

WORLD-BUILDING | Writing-inspired candle

World-Building is a part of the Reader’s Adventure set, focusing on elements of a story. I love the clean, light scents of fresh hair, grassy land, and a cool sea breeze!

Hope you found something that’s beautifully blue! Check out even more teal candles and other colors on the Shop by Color page to explore even more candles by color!