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Candles of the Rainbow: Pretty in Pink (and Red)

UPDATED 1/18/18

Novelly Yours has all kinds of candles in many different colors! I always love a good color theme so for those of you looking for specific colored candles or just enjoy browsing by hue, here are some candles of the rainbow!

Check out the various shades of pink and red available in the shop!

AUDREY ROSE | Stalking Jack the Ripper-inspired

Audrey Rose is the heroine of the Stalking Jack the Ripper series and the scents from HUNTING PRINCE DRACULA were too perfect for a candle! With rose being the prominent scent, naturally a nice deep pink was a great choice for this candle color!

ANOSHE | Shades of Magic-inspired

With the Shades of Magic trilogy being a stunning contrast of white, black, and red, the Anoshe candle needed to be that deep, gorgeous red color! It’s also one of my favorite scents with prominent notes of the salty sea, light earthy tones, a touch of florals, and an overall feel of home.

WINTER | The Lunar Chronicles-Inspired

I’m a HUGE fan of The Lunar Chronicles and these TLC-inspired candles were some of the reasons I decided to open my shop! Winter smells like Princess Winter’s famous apple candies with apple, sugar, and a bit of honey sweetness with some overall wintery notes!
You can also check out candles for the rest of the Lunar Chronicles ladies with Cinder, Scarlet, and Cress!

ROMANCE TROPE | Romance-inspired candle

No matter which romance trope is your favorite, you can celebrate it with this deliciously sweet mixture of strawberries and champagne in the Romance Trope candle!

BRAVE | Wizarding-inspired

BRAVE is the resident red candle for all you brave wizards out there! When brainstorming what this common room might smell like, my brain trust and I landed on warm smells like cinnamon, apple pie, and pumpkin spice!
You can also check out the other Wizarding houses with Intelligent, Loyal, and Cunning!

Hope you found something pretty in pink! Which one of these red hues tops your list?

Don’t forget that you can also shop by color to browse candles in any color you’d like!