Coupon Codes & Discounts

Novelly Yours always offers a 10% discount via social media representatives (“reps”) who receive candles with the purpose of sharing them with their followers and sharing info about the shop! Find the current Novelly Yours reps below and their coupon codes, all of which will save you 10% on your regular order!

If you’re purchasing the exclusive candle box, use code NOVELBOX to save 5%!

No coupon codes can be combined with other offers and cannot be used on sale items. Coupons cannot be “stacked” — only one coupon code can apply per order.


KORI (@_livelaughread) | Code: LLR10

BRITTANY (@bookswrotemystory) | Code: BOOKSWROTE10

MEGAN (@meganthemeganerd) | Code: MEGANERD10

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VIC (@bibliotrix.lestrange) | Code: BIBLIOTRIX10