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Scent Series | Fantastic for Fall

Fall always brings out some wonderful scents and also introduces “Candle Season”! Once the weather starts cooling, we want to have fire in the home more often and it’s such a great time for spicy, fruity fragrances! It’s one of my favorite time to burn candles (okay, the whole year is my favorite time) and there are so many delicious fall-type scents that I wish I could make 100 different candles! For now, here are my favorite Novelly Yours candles that bring out some of my favorite autumn scents!


Autumn Ambience is of course the first selection! It was introduced as the fall seasonal candle in 2016 and I loved the scent so much that I brought it back for 2017 and will continue to keep it on as a fall seasonal scent! Harvest apple, pumpkin spices, and cinnamon are a delicious combination!! (And you fans of The Dreaming Tree from the Owlcrate box of Dec 2017, you won’t want to miss this one!!)


Brave is another delicious scent! It’s similar to Autumn Ambience but still has a very different feel, focusing more on a baked-good type smell with notes of apple pie along with pumpkin spices, cinnamon, and nutmeg. Even if you’re not a member of this magical House, you made want to grab this one for the season!


I personally think of Winter as a winter candle (for obvious reasons!) but I’ve heard from so many people already how much they love it for fall! Those apple notes really bring out a harvest feel with a sweet overlay of sugar and honey to bring this aroma to the sweeter side!


Fall officially returns when we get to drink Pumpkin Spiced Lattes again, right? This pumpkin coffee-scented candle is positively delicious and one of my favorite candles to sniff and sniff and sniff! It’s strong but not TOO overpowering and has that dash of yummy spices perfect for the season!


Speaking of coffee candles, have you seen the new Thomas candle, inspired by HUNTING PRINCE DRACULA? It’s a fun and unique blend of coffee, cologne, and cotton for a yummy and sexy feel that gives off an overall comforting vibe!


I don’t know about you but fall brings out the baker in me! Once the weather starts to cool, I always want to start using my oven again and baking all those spicy, delicious baked goods! Loyal is the perfect candle for baking time, full of foodie scents like bread, cake, and a dash of vanilla!

Do any of these candles top your favorites list? What are some of your favorite fall scents!?

If you’re looking for more autumn fragrances, don’t forget that you can browse by scent and peruse the entire Novelly Yours collection broken down by your favorite fragrance types!