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Get to Know the Reps: Kelley from @acciobooksncoffee

I’ve been working with my Instagram reps for several months now and since I have a lovely new blog on this new website, I thought it would be a great idea to utilize it and share some more info on my reps! 

If you’re not familiar with the rep concept, many business host “rep searches” to invite people to come represent their brands, usually on Instagram since a picture is worth a thousand words. At the end of the rep search, the company selects people that they want to send their products to in order to help spread the word to a larger/different audience and usually provide them with a coupon code to share with their followers. 

Today on Get to Know the Reps is Kels from @acciobooksncoffee! I just adore Kelley and her cozy, warm Instagram photos! A fan of books, snow, and coffee (and candles of course), she’s a woman after my own heart. Check out the Q&A below with Kels to get to know a bit more about her!

Name: Kelley (@acciobooksncoffee)

Tell us a little about yourself and how you got started on #bookstagram! Everyone knows me as Kels, but what I think many people are surprised about is when they find out it’s actually short for Kelley, not Kelsie. So, HI! I’m Kelley! I’ve been a part of this community since February, 2016. I actually stumbled on some bookstagram accounts when browsing fandom hashtags on my personal account a few months prior. After stalking the community and seeing so many people sharing their love for all things books, I decided I wanted to join in on the fun! I never imagined it would ever turn into what it has, but I wouldn’t change it for the world. To say this community changed my life is an understatement.

What’s your Instagram photo style? Do you have a feed theme? Ah! These questions. I never know how to properly answer this. For photo style, flatlays are definitely my thing. But a theme…that’s tough. I love to play around with different edits. One month it’ll be cool and cozy, another month it will be warm and rustic.

Where do you get your photo ideas? (Current reads, book mail, photo challenges?) I actually co-host a monthly book challenge so most of my inspiration comes from those prompts. I have a few rep positions too that I always try to incorporate with my daily photos. And, BOOKMAIL! If I get any new bookish mail, I can’t wait to take photos of it all!

Where do you take the majority of your photos? My photos are all taken on my floor right next to my bookshelves in the living room. I have a nice arcadian window that helps with my lighting and being right next to the bookshelves makes it easier to grab what I need. I’d say it also makes for an easier clean up, but if we’re being real here, there are times I just leave my mess (and I make a MESS) there over the weekend. No shame! My kids and husband have just learned to work around it all. I’m not the only one, right? Don’t lie.

What’s your favorite photo prop? Books and Coffee! Aside from those, I actually have a few favorite props but more recently, my cozy faux fur blanket and my fairy lights. And candles. Obviously.

What’s your favorite book or series? Do I only get to pick one? If so, then pass. Ok, but really, Throne of Glass series by Sarah J Maas is my jam! I have also recently become obsessed with the Shades of Magic trilogy by VE Schwab. Some favorite standalones would be The Night Circus, The Nightingale, A Man Called Ove and The Scorpio Races. All so very different and unique.

What’s your greatest bookstagram accomplishment or the coolest thing to happen to you through Instagram? Bloomsbury Publishing shared a picture of mine on their feed not too long ago and I’m not even going to lie, I totally did a little happy dance. But overall, I would probably have to say becoming a rep for some of the best companies has been the coolest.

Do you have a favorite photo that you’ve taken? I personally like all the photos I’ve posted. 😉 Though, I would probably have to say my current favorite is this one.

Who are your bookstagram besties? Oh my gosh! Can I have like four more pages? There are so many amazing people that  I couldn’t possibly list them all. Some of my nearest and dearest though, @_livelaughread, @gameofpotterbooks, @bibliotrix.lestrange and all my fellow mamas over at @notyourmamasbookclub.

Recommend another bookish business for us! @nerdygrldesigns and @markedbymary feed my addiction of bookmarks and @whenmelissareads makes the most beautiful bookish jewelry.

What’s one bookish or photo goal that you hope to achieve in the next year? I have my Goodreads goal to read 52 books in 2017 and so far I’m still on track. But my ultimate goal this year was to branch out of my comfort zone and explore different genres. I have read some really amazing books this year already from doing so. I read a beautiful and heartbreaking Non Fiction last month that I normally would have never picked up and throughout March, I’ve been working my way through War and Peace. An insanely intimidating book that I’ve been wanting to knock off my TBR for YEARS.

Favorite Novelly Yours candle? CURRENTLY READING IS AMAZING!!! Coffee, Book Pages, Cotton. It’s perfect! One of the newer additions, Plot Twist, is also a favorite!

Where else can we find you on the web? (If any?) Um, I finally joined Twitter! Still a little unsure how to use it but I’m there! @_acciobooks.

I hope you enjoyed getting to know Kelley a bit more through this post! I just love her photos. Anything with books/coffee/candles… I’m totally in! Be sure to follow her on Instagram at @acciobooksncoffee and use her coupon code ACCIOBOOKS10 for a 10% discount on any Novelly Yours candle order!