We have a BRAND NEW digital download item — our first ever — and I’m so excited to finally share it!

This spreadsheet has a whole lot of love, formulas, charts, and graphs packed into it to make your reading life, monthly recaps, and year-end stats easier! This instant download purchase provides you with spaces to log all of your reads AND all of the data that goes along with it like: format, genre, series, date published, star rating, target age range, source, dates read, and more! There are even tabs for a spot to log your DNFs and TBR (that’s “did not finish” and “to-be-read” if you weren’t familiar). Even more, there’s a tab to log all of the books you received in your book hauls (including spots to record how much you spent!) and if and where you’re posting reviews.

I’ve tried to make this as all-encompassing as possible AND it automatically populates nearly everything based on the book data you enter! You’ll receive auto-populated stats based on the different categories so you don’t have to do the math each month and count things up. There are even charts and graphs and spots to log how many pages you read per day and/or audiobook minutes you listened to.

Choose between the “basic” spreadsheet where you don’t have to follow along per calendar year or month and just log as you go, or grab the one that’s broken down from month-to-month to have it automatically calculate all those monthly stats for you!

Sound like something that interests you? Head on over to the product listing to grab yours now!