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New Novelly Yours Shop!

Welcome to the NEW Novelly Yours Candles website! You may have seen it before in its baby stages when I was just writing up blog posts and it’s taken a few months but I’m so proud to announce that the FULL SHOP is ready to open Saturday, February 25th!

The shop won’t be live and ready for purchases until tomorrow (the 25) but you can still register your account and start adding things to your wishlist today!!


So what’s new around here? The biggest thing is, of course, the full shop available from the Novelly Yours Candles webpage. At the end of 2016, I decided to make the transition from Etsy over to my own store. I’ve spent the last couple months getting everything ready, working out the bugs, and making sure it was all perfect for its eventual launch! Here are a few things to note about the new shop here at Novelly Yours!

  • THE SHOP. Obviously the shop is the biggest new and exciting thing! The shop here has ALL of the candles that were listed on Etsy prior to the break and some new ones too! The Etsy shop will still be open but this is the place to be! I won’t be adding any new candles to Etsy and I’ll be removing a lot of the listings on Etsy starting Saturday, March 4th. I’ll keep a few candles there so I don’t shut it down completely and the Candle of the Month subscriptions will only be available for purchase on Etsy due to the shipping set-up here in the shop. Etsy also still has some holiday overstock which will only be available based on what inventory is left. Those listings will not be added here but I’ll likely be adding some more overstock in early March!
  • REWARD POINTS. The new shop comes with a reward point system! Users get points for signing up and they will earn reward points for each purchase that they make, as well as for leaving reviews on your purchases. There’s a full page with details on how to earn, what they’re worth, how to redeem them, and some general FAQs. You must register in order to receive reward points!
  • ACHIEVEMENT BADGES. The shop also has “badges” that customers can earn based on their activity in the shop! These are JUST FOR FUN and are not at all related to reward points. Badges are earned by making purchases (first time, five/ten/twenty purchases, etc) and there are a few extra fun achievements along the way! Your achievement also inch you towards a new “rank”, each of which has been associated with fire or flame somehow (because, you know, candles). Again, these are just for fun but add a little flare to your experience!
  • COUPONS. All previously existing coupon codes (for example, rep codes) will continue to work on this website. Like Etsy, coupon codes still cannot be combined so if you get to the point where you’re redeeming your reward points and get your coupon code for X amount off your order, you won’t be able to use a rep code or other discount.
  • REVIEWS. Reviews are a little different here than they were on Etsy! Sadly, no place to upload photos (as of right now), but you can still leave a star rating and some feedback! You’ll either receive an email asking you if you’d like to review after a specific amount of time OR head to the page of the candle you purchased and click on the “review” tab to add your feedback. You will only be able to leave a review for the candles you have purchased. Leaving a review will also earn you more reward points!


I couldn’t re-open the shop without a few new candles and candle ideas!! Here’s what you can find as far as candle questions!

  • 12oz JARS. 12oz jars are here!! I selected some popular sellers to start off in the jars, so not every scent is currently available in this new size. They have a brand-new label design which isn’t too different from the regular candle labels but gives them some extra pizzazz! Check out the shop for the full selection — they’re on sale 2/25 but you can view them and add to wishlists now!
  • SEASONAL CANDLES. I don’t currently have any spring seasonal candles because I’ve been working so hard on other things BUT I couldn’t bear to take Matthias down (I’m having a hard time saying goodbye), so the Matthias candle is still available for purchase!
  • CANDLE OF THE MONTH. Yulemas Candy was December’s Candle of the Month and since I had to close shop early in December, I’m leaving it up for a little while longer. You can grab Yulemas Candy through 3/14/17. March’s Candle of the Month is “My Precious”, inspired by Lord of the Rings and perfect for Middle Earth March! My Precious is on sale from 3/1/7 – 3/31/17. There is also a NEW Layer Candle of the Month! I had so much fun doing layered candles this past fall and just have SO MANY IDEAS for new concepts. They take a while to make and I don’t want to pile them all on, so they’ll be available for one month at a time! March’s Layer Candle of the Month is Rainbow of Velaris, a literal rainbow of colors (all with the same scent).
  • NEW CANDLES COMING. I also have some more brand-new candles coming to the shop on March 1st! I haven’t announced them yet so keep your eyes peeled for when those are revealed!
  • WIZARD’S PUB NAME CHANGE. Wizard’s Pub will now be known as “Broomstick Bar”! I discovered a trademark on Wizard’s Pub so I happily changed the name (and I really kind of like it too)!


  • NEW BOOKMARK BONUS. Have you seen the bookmark reveal on Instagram? All “full-sized” candles — meaning 8oz or 12oz — will come with a free bookmark that goes with the candle! Each bookmark will have candle facts including the candle’s scents and some candle care tips on the back. Sorry, but these are not currently available for 2oz/4oz/melts/tealights or any previously placed orders.
  • PAUSE ON CUSTOM ORDERS. I need to get on my feet again with this new reopen so I won’t be taking on any custom orders for the first couple weeks. I am also not offering custom orders for the 12oz jars YET. I need to figure a few things out before I do so!
  • SHIPPING AND LEAD TIME. Shipping and processing time should stay about the same as my usual, which is up to 14 days. When I’m in the swing of things, I can usually turn orders around pretty quickly but I’m expecting an influx of orders upon reopen and may need those full 14 days to process all of the orders! If there’s ever a delay, I will of course send out a notification to the customer. Standard USPS rates will still be the main shipping option and shouldn’t be too different from what you had come to expect in my Etsy shop. I was able to add on another priority option which should save a little money on medium to large-sized orders! All shipping options are calculated by the shop. As always, if you feel like something isn’t right, please do contact me and we can figure out if there’s an issue!

All righty, I think those are the most important points of what you need to know! There have been a lot of changes but all enhancements and nothing too drastic! If you have any questions or concerns, please leave a comment below and I will reply (so all can see) or shoot me an email and I’ll reply at my earliest convenience. Thanks again for choosing Novelly Yours for your candle needs!!!