New Seasonal Candle: Rachel’s Trifle

friends candle

Calling all Friends fans! This is the candle for you!

I’ve been dying to make a candle based on the TV show Friends. It’s a BIG favorite of mine and I needed just the perfect opportunity to come up with something unique. Then I got the idea for Rachel’s Trifle! It was the first candle I thought of to do in layers and that meant a lovely glass jar to show them off! I love my tins but this one required a jar!

Rachel’s Trifle is inspired by the infamous and ever-popular Thanksgiving episode of Friends (“The One Where Ross Got High”) when Rachel makes a traditional English Trifle for Thanksgiving dinner! (Except don’t worry — no actual beef sauteed with peas & onions here!)

This is a seasonal candle from Novelly Yours and will be on sale via Etsy through the end of November (11/30/16).

friends candle

Each layer was inspired by the layers in Rachel’s own trifle! From the bottom up:

  • Layer 1: A layer of ladyfingers (scent: vanilla cookies)
  • Layer 2: Followed by a layer of jam (scent: strawberry preserves)
  • Layer 3: Beef sauteed with peas and onions (just kidding! It’s represented by a brown layer but don’t worry, it smells like vanilla!)
  • Layer 4: Bananas, whipped cream, and custard (scent: banana pudding)

Each layer has its own scent (not mixed throughout the whole candle) and the scents will flow and blend nicely as the candle burns!

ITEM DETAILS | Fragrances: banana pudding, vanilla, strawberry preserves, vanilla cookies
Net wax weight: Approx 7oz
Burn time: 40-50 hours

Purchase Rachel’s Trifle from the Novelly Yours shop via Etsy!