Novel Points Rewards System


Novelly Yours reward points, also known as “Novel Points”, are reward points earned for performing various tasks as well as with any purchase from the Novelly Yours Candles website ( These points can be redeemed for coupon codes to take pre-determined discounts off of Novelly Yours Candle order.


Points are earned with any purchase from the Novelly Yours Candles shop (aka this website. Points are not available from the Novelly Yours Etsy shop). A customer can only earn points by signing up for an account with Novelly Yours; guests will not be eligible to earn Novel Points. Points are also earned by account sign-up and leaving a review for a product that you have purchased. Review restrictions may apply. There are no referral or social media reward actions at this time.

Privacy Disclaimer: Any information entered for account sign-up is for point-designation purposes only and your own personal convenience. Any personal information set-up in your Novelly Yours Candles account will only be used by you and will not be shared or distributed in any way. Saved personal information is for a customer’s convenience for shipping and check-out purposes and will not be used in any other way.


  • Each dollar (US $) that you spend with Novelly Yours Candles earns you one (1) Novel Point.
  • New account sign up = 100 Novel Points
  • First order placed = 20 Novel Points
  • Review left for purchased product = 25 points


Points can be redeemed for coupon codes that will provide you with a discounted price to be taken off your total order. Coupon codes are eligible for discounts on products only, meaning that the product total must be greater than or equal to your coupon. Coupon codes cannot be applied to tax and/or shipping costs and cannot be applied retroactively except in the cases of technical issues.

Coupon codes are preset for four different redemption options:

  • 500 Novel Points = $5.00 off your product total
  • 1000 Novel Points = $10.00 off your product total
  • 1500 Novel Points = $15.00 off your product total
  • 2000 Novel Points = $20.00 off your product total

Once you have hit the minimum amount of points for an eligible reward coupon, a button will appear to claim your coupon reward on your My Account dashboard.


Once a reward coupon has been used, you will not be able to use it again. Reward coupons are directly tied to the user’s account, meaning that they cannot be shared with or gifted to other Novelly Yours Candles customers. Reward coupons are also not eligible to be used in conjunction with any other coupon codes or discounts. If you attempt to stack another coupon code on top of a reward coupon, you reward coupon code will be replaced with your newly selected coupon for that selected order. Please make sure you place your order correctly because once an order has been placed and a reward coupon has been used, those points cannot be retrieved again! Should a technical or set-up issue occur, please contact with your issue and I will assess the situation to come up with a satisfactory issue.


If you’ve just made a purchase and don’t see your earned points show up in your Account page right away, don’t panic! Because of the way orders are processed, sometimes it takes a little while for points to be added to your account total. First, trying clearing your browser’s cache. If your points still haven’t been added in, please allow up to a day for them to transfer over. If they still aren’t there after a day or you have encountered some technical issues, please contact me and I can happily adjust your points to the proper total.