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Scent Series | Bakery + Vanilla

As a reader, I always love making book recommendations and there’s no exceptions when it comes to candles, too! I love making recommendations based on what a person might enjoy or specific scents that they like so I wanted to highlight some Novelly Yours candles based on selected scents!

Today we’re talking about some yummy bakery scents! I love the smell of baked goods and it always reminds me of my mom baking desserts when I was a kid! Cake and vanilla scents are great to have that aroma of sweetness without being too cloying and overpowering (although they may make you a little hungry)!

bread, cake, vanilla

Loyal is one of the wizarding candles in the shop, inspired by our loyal wizarding friends! Their common room is located next to the kitchens so it only made sense for it to smell delicious and baked goods seemed the best! With top notes of bread and cake, middle notes of banana bread, and a buttery, vanilla base, this candle might make your mouth water!

lemon cake, buttercream, sugar, pastry

This candle is seriously one of my favorite smells and I take a whiff of it every time I package one up! I love the lemon cake fragrance with added dashes of sugar for sweetness and buttercream frosting for an added sweet and savory note! It makes me feel like I could eat the candle (although please don’t)!

pastries + wine

TBR is one of the newest candles in the shop with another deliciously mouth-watering scent! The concept for the scents was the regret and shame of the over-flowing TBR so I selected scents for which we overindulge that may cause us regret or shame after consuming! Buttery, flaky pastries and rich red wine make up the fragrances for this candle and it’s such a fun combination! It definitely makes me hungry and thirsty all at the same time.

vanilla, sugar, floral

CRESS is a light feminine scent that’s not overly sweet despite inclusions of sugar and vanilla. The pink sugar notes and light florals impart a feminine touch, neither of which overwhelm the fragrance profile, and the vanilla adds a warm base to round it out. It’s not a bakery scent but the vanilla touch is just lovely if you’re a vanilla fan!

pine, mint, vanilla, sugar, butterscotch, snow

If you’re in the holiday mood or just like the scents of pine and mint, this candle is perfect for you! I wanted to include it in this collection of vanilla and bakery-based candles because although it includes top notes of pine and peppermint, the addition of vanilla really adds a sweetness to the candle! It gives it a feel of Christmas candy, meanwhile mimicking the sweet and tasty flavor of butterbeer, adding to the butterscotch notes in the middle of the fragrance profile. It’s one of my favorite scents and I always highly recommend it!

Do you enjoy food & bakery scents? I don’t always want a sweet-smelling candle but I love the balance that some bakery notes add to a candle’s fragrance profile! I just adore each one of these and even if you’re not a bakery fan, there are some surprising hits within these recommendations!

Don’t forget that you can shop any Novelly Yours candle by fragrance using the Shop by Scent page!