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Scent Series | Masculine & Musky

As a reader, I always love making book recommendations and there’s no exceptions when it comes to candles, too! I love making recommendations based on what a person might enjoy or specific scents that they like so I wanted to highlight some Novelly Yours candles based on selected scents!

Today we’re talking about COLOGNE & MUSK. Love those boyfriend-y scents? There’s just something about those masculine scents that are lovely and soothing and maybe even a little sexy all at the same time! Here are some of my favorite cologne and musky-type scents from the shop!

Cologne + clean cotton

Naturally, Book Boyfriend is the first cologne scent on the list! I love some masculine type-scents but I didn’t want this one to be overwhelmingly cologne-like. I went with a scent from one of my fragrance suppliers that actually mimicked a cologne I was familiar with (that one of my crushes in high school wore!) and so it reminded me of that soft boyfriend smell without being too in-your-face. Matched with a clean cotton and undertones of some other musky scents, this Book Boyfriend candle is perfect for your bookish beau no matter who he is!

Musk + sandalwood + bookpages

Laini Taylor included some great scent descriptions within STRANGE THE DREAMER and one of them was for Lazlo Strange himself! He was described as smelling like sandalwood and musk, and I added in a touch of book pages for the base note of this candle since he spends so much time in the library with his beloved books. This candle has a definitely masculine note but also isn’t overwhelming on the cologne front!

Storms + musk + mystery

Plot Twist is one of my favorite candles in the shop! It has a muskiness to it that creates a pleasant aroma with some sharpness from the ozonic notes of the storms fragrance. There’s also a base of “mystery” with some darker sort of notes to keep the mystery alive with this candle! Can’t quite pick out the scents? It’s all part of the twist! As long as you know they smell amazing, that’s what matters!

Frost + forest + storms

The Darkling smells like “night” and… the absence of a smell. Since we couldn’t have a candle that smelled like nothing, night was the angle here with some musky forest notes, a touch of storms, and a base note of snow and frost to soften it all up for that “absence” concept! It’s a long-standing hit in the shop and a lot of people aren’t quite sure what to expect when they order it but seem to love that final result!

Masculine musk + clean cotton

For another softer kind of cologne smell, Thorne is the ticket! Thorne is one of my top book boyfriends but there were no real scent descriptions of what he smelled like, so I imagined that he’d smell masculine but also have a nice clean scent that you could just snuggle up to. This candle smells a little musky but also strongly of a fresh, clean smell like stepping out of the shower or pulling clean clothes from the dryer. It’s everything a comforting book boyfriend should be!

There you have it! The main candles in the shop with cologne or musky notes. I find these scents so comforting sometimes and they’re powerful as well! There are even more musky-type scents in the shop so be sure to keep browsing!

Don’t forget that you can shop any Novelly Yours candle by fragrance using the Shop by Scent page!