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Novelly Yours Candles Jars… Coming Soon!

Just announced today… Novelly Yours jars coming soon!

I’ve always, always wanted to make candles in jars. When I first started making candles, I was too excited and didn’t read all of the soy candle making tips, tricks, and rules so I was missing some basic things like how pouring temperature affects the way a candle cools. I ended up getting things to look nice in tins but I was still having issues with jars so I eventually went the way of tins and stuck with it!

I never lost that desire to use jars, though. Two years later and I still found myself wanting to have my candles in jars! I had tried the 12oz ones to fill the voice but it just wasn’t quite satisfying. I did like the tins but I was never truly happy with that longing always hanging in the back of my mind.

It was a big undertaking but I finally did the research, performed lots of testing, and made the leap! As of today (7/13/17), I got my sample labels in (the ones you see in the photograph) and I’m just finishing up the designs of every other candle in the shop to switch to jars! Then I can get everything ordered, make some stock, and put them on sale for everyone to enjoy!!!

Here are some FAQs and answers regarding the new jar line:

  • What candles will be available in the jars and in which sizes? Anything in the shop right now (with a couple exceptions) will be available in the new jars, and in the same respective sizes. So for example, the Bookish-Type set will still be available in 2oz, 4oz, and 8oz (though the new jars are actually 9oz) and a candle that’s only available in an 8oz tin like Matthias will still be only available as a 9oz jar. The exceptions will be: Tineye, The Fireswamp, Liam, and Kestrel which will be retiring as of August 1st (I’ll make one more restock of Liam and Kestrel but Tineye & The Fireswamp didn’t have that demand). I will also not be making Beast’s Library, Mermaid’s Grotto, Jasmine’s Garden, or Master Gracey’s Manor in jars. I’ll be keeping them as tins for a while and their performance will dictate whether they stay or get retired too!
  • When will the jars be available? I’m aiming for an August 1st sale date! Everything seems to be going according to plan but there are a few things up in the air that could alter that date, either forwards or backwards. I think that should be pretty solid, though!
  • Will shipping costs be the same? I still need to do some weight testing to see what the differences may be, but as jars are naturally heavier than tins, there may be some changes in how many items you can fit into a box before shipping costs increase! The nice thing is that I use USPS Regional Flat Rate boxes which allow more things to fit into a box and usually offer a lower rate for some higher cost areas (like IL to most of the western part of the US) so whether you order three tins or three jars, shipping should still cost the same!
  • Can I do custom orders in jars? Short answer, YES! Long answer: I’m aiming to open custom orders back up once the jars are all ready to go. I’ve been holding onto customs so I could offer jars as an option too! Things to note: the quote label is still a separate label so for the jars, there will be an option for one label (the main label) or main label + quote, which will cost a smidge more. It’s more of a time thing than a supplies thing because custom orders take up a bit more time with label designs! The same guidelines for customs will apply — the batch must be at least 8oz (or now in this case, one 9oz jar) or split into the same scent amongst the smaller sizes. I just can’t get the coloring and fragrances right for a single 4oz candle or smaller!
  • What will be happening to the tins!? Well… it all depends! I’m anticipating that the jars will be the bigger sellers so my current plan is to sell out of my current stock of tins (I have a semi-decent stock going right now) and let the jars take over. I will still keep a small supply of 8oz tins for those who would like to continue to order tins instead of jars! These will have to be made-to-order though so these orders would take longer. As of right now, I’m still planning on tins for the monthly 2oz sampler sets since those are more cost-effective to ship and I would need to reassess the boxing situation for jars. It’s also easier to customize those labels since I’m used to doing it already!
  • Will you still have the 12oz jars? Yep! 12oz jars will still be around and you can still get your favorites in the larger sizes! They’ll still be the go-to for the Layered Candle of the Month as well.
  • Will you do layered candles in 9oz jars? I’m not planning on it! Some candles end up being 5-6 layers and those just look best in a larger jar.
  • Will you still have the mix and match options for 2oz and 4oz? You bet!
  • What will the new jars cost? 9oz jars, two 4oz jars, and four 2oz jars will each be $14.50. I know it’s a little bit more than the tins were but the jar is a new and exciting form of packaging complete with professionally printed labels so the packaging quality is higher than it was for the tins and I’m extremely happy with how it all turned out!

I think that should answer most of the questions! If you have any other questions that you can think of, or even any comments that you’d like to let me know, please leave a comment below! I’ll take any questions that I’m answering and including them in the FAQ above as well.

Hope you guys are excited! This definitely feels like the right move for me and something I’ve wanted to do for two years. I’m VERY excited for this endeavor and I hope you all love them! Thank you for your constant support and well-wishes! You know I couldn’t do it without you <3