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Novelly Yours Updates | October 11, 2017

In today’s most recent Instagram post, I shared that I’m going to be putting the shop on vacation for just a little bit. Here are some more details why and what to expect in the next couple of weeks along with a few other updates!

In today’s Instagram post, I shared a few updates regarding the status of the shop and current open orders but I wanted to write up a full post to keep everyone in the know! As mentioned before, I’m currently working on a big bulk order AND it’s candle season, baby, so I’ve literally been working non-stop every day to stay afloat with everything that’s been going on! As some of you know, I’m still working full-time outside of candles so until I know I’m fully ready to go full-time with Novelly Yours, I’m stuck at a desk for ten hours a day and can only work on candles from about 7:30pm – 11pm every night (I have to sleep sometime!) and I work (sometimes literally) all weekend on candle things! It’s reached the point where I know I need to go full-time with candles and I’m just working out some odds and ends before I feel truly confident in that decision.

In the meantime, I’m working hard to stay on top of orders and finish up this bulk order and unfortunately it’s reached the point where I need to say TIME OUT and catch my breath so I’m putting the shop on vacation mode starting today (10/11). I’m not quite sure when I’ll be back open because my goal is to finish up all of the current open orders and then push, push, push to get my bulk order done so I can re-open the shop fresh and new and ready to turn around your orders super speedily again! I don’t like having processing times longer than 14 days and I’m reaching that max right now so I feel like it’s more fair to take a break, catch up, and return when I’m a little less stress and a little more prepared to handle all of these beautiful orders you’re sending my way!

Here are a few things to expect about this temporary closure and a couple of other news points too! 

  • When will the shop be back open? I’m not quite sure yet! I really want to get my bulk order done before I re-open, or at least mostly done, so my time isn’t split too much like it is right now. I’ll be around on social media so be sure to follow one of those channels for updates! You’ll still be able to browse the shop but no items will be available for purchase. You can still add to your wishlists in the mean time!
  • What does this mean for Candles of the Month? Well hopefully I’m back in time before the end of the month so you’re able to order any of the October candles before they’re gone! If for some reason it takes longer than that, I will definitely extend the end date of these candles so you can still purchase them! I promise, you will not miss your chance!
  • Classic Horror Set: The Classic Horror candle set sold out SO QUICKLY! While I won’t be able to make any more before the shop closes, there’s a likelier chance that I can make another batch before it opens back up. If you want to get an email if they come back in stock, you can visit the listing and add your name to the list!
  • I currently have an open order. When will it ship? If you ordered on the 30th/1st, I’m trying my best to get those orders out this week! Murphy’s Law decided to pay a visit as I was making my Circus for Dreamers candles and I had two batches that just weren’t up to snuff to sell as regular items. The quality just wasn’t what I wanted it to be and that’s not what you’re paying for, so I decided to remake them again and this batch should be ready to ship before the 13th! I don’t think any orders should be late but they’ll be right on the edge of that expected processing time. Any Scent Obsession candles should fall under that processing time as well so I’m hoping to ship any of those within the allotted 14 days as well.
    All other orders will be processed within normal time.
  • SEASONAL CANDLES: I wanted to make so many more fall candles but I just didn’t have the time. Autumn Ambience is still on sale through the end of November so that will not be affected here. I’m hoping to work on some winter seasonals that will be released in either November or December.
  • NOVEMBER CANDLES: Plans for November candles are just about complete! Not much to update here yet except for the fact that I’m really excited for them!
  • CANDLE OF THE MONTH 8oz tin vs 9oz jar: If you’ve seen recent stories on Instagram, you may have taken part in the poll of whether you preferred the 8oz tin or the 9oz jar for the regular-sized Candle of the Month. The poll was quite literally split in half with 50% saying tins, and 50% saying jars. I kid you not. Since I already have a full jar line, that means the tins are here to stay! I like to try to keep options available and that’s a nice way to keep the tins around for those who are fans. Tins also have a lower price point than the jars so it’s a nice way to purchase a candle and spend a little less. PLUS they’re also easier for me to produce with no set limit whereas with jars, I’d have to order a specific amount of labels which could limit how many candles I would sell, so that keeps the doors open for unlimited sales. I’m hoping to do a little label revamp, maybe sometime around the holidays, if I have the downtime.

I think that does it for now! I still have a ton of things on the back-burner that maybe this time off can allow me to get to so fingers crossed! If you have any questions, I’m always available via email or social media. Thanks for staying tuned!!


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