4oz jars Bundle Deal (Pick Two)

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Choose from the available selections of 4oz jars in the shop to bundle two together and save!


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Choose from the available selections of 4oz jars in the shop to bundle two together and save!
PLEASE NOTE that this listing does not include every candle from the shop. Please select from available scents for the 4oz candles from the drop down menus.


Each 4oz candle made with all-natural soy wax. Soy wax is eco-friendly and burns cleaner than other waxes. It is also easy to clean in cases of accidental spills or if you should wish to keep the jar! Each candle comes with a resealable lid.

BURN TIME | 20-30 hours
4oz jars are great for sampling scents! Please do note that because of their smaller size, the scent may not fill a room like larger sizes will. If you’re looking for that house-filling fragrance, a larger size is the way to go!

NOTES | Please note that some frosting may occur. This is perfectly normal for soy candles and does not affect the scent or burn time. This is merely an indicator of all-natural soy wax.
All candles are hand poured and may need to be made to order so please allow a few days lead time prior to shipping. Each candle is also made in small batches so there may be very minor variations in color or scent.


The scents listed below will give you a general idea of the overall candle smell. Please visit each individual listing for a full breakdown of fragrance detail!

  • Antique Books | paper + leather + old pages + dust | earthy & musky
  • Audrey Rose | rose + bergamot +  honey | floral & citrus & sweet
  • Book Boyfriend | cologne + clean cotton | cologne & musky & clean
  • Book Club | wine + cozy fire + books | fruity & earthy
  • Break the Chains | haemanthus flower + ozone + terrain | dusty floral & earthy
  • Cabeswater | meadow + outdoors + leaves | earthy & clean
  • Cliffhanger | herbs + cedar + sandalwood | earthy & musky
  • Currently Reading | book pages & coffee & cotton | earthy & beverage & clean
  • Korol Rezni | cool citrus + sandalwood + spice + ocean ozone | clean & musky
  • Levi’s Pumpkin Mocha Breve | coffee + pumpkin spice + chocolate | beverage & sweet & spicy
  • Local Indie | paperbacks + bookshelves + hot cider | earthy & spicy
  • Meet Cute | rosewood + lilac + blackberry + perfume | earthy & fruity & floral
  • Night Triumphant | citrus + sea + jasmine | fruity & water (clean scent, not masculine/cologne)
  • Oh My Stars | fresh air + soft florals + starlight | fresh & floral
  • Plot Twist | storms + musk + mystery | musky & earthy & cologne
  • Queen of Terrasen | pine + snow + lavender | earthy & floral
  • Reveurs | caramel, bonfire, rose, cotton | sweet & earthy
  • Romance Trope | strawberries + champagne | fruity & sweet
  • Shipping It | sea + driftwood + clean cotton + sunshine | water & clean
  • Stars Eternal | fresh air + ocean + champagne | clean & fresh
  • Sturmhond | Black Sea + mist + driftwood | clean & earthy
  • Sweet Sorrows | honey + amber + vanilla musk | sweet & earthy
  • TBR | pastries + wine | fruity & bakery & sweet
  • Thriller | creaky floors + whispering winds + smoke | earthy & musky
  • Thomas | coffee + cologne + cotton | beverage & musky
  • World-Building | land + sea + air | earthy & clean
  • Zoya | wildflowers + orange + bergamot | floral & fruity


All candles are hand poured and may made to order so please allow a few days lead time prior to shipping. Items expected to ship within 3-10 business days of payment.
US Customers: Any (total) orders under 1lb will be shipped USPS First Class. Any orders 1lb or over will ship USPS Priority Mail.
International Customers (shipments outside of the US): Any (total) orders under 4lbs may ship USPS First Class International. Orders over 4lbs will ship USPS Priority Mail. Customs charges may apply to international shipments. Please note that the customer is responsible for any and all customs duties/taxes and these customs charges are not associated with Novelly Yours Candles in any way.

For any other processing or shipping questions, please refer to the Shop FAQs & Policies!

27 reviews for 4oz jars Bundle Deal (Pick Two)

  1. Mason (verified owner)

    A really nice way to test out different candles you aren’t sure about without having to buy a larger size. I chose cliffhanger and TBR and it was a nice experience! I’ll be using the bundles again.

  2. Katie Burke (verified owner)

    I love this size! Its perfect for me since I do like to burn my book themed candles in order to help me decide if I want to get the larger size, but then, I still have some left or am able to repurpose the jars to help decorate my bookshelves in front of the series. I got the Queen of Terrasen and Stars Eternal candles this time because my Sarah J. Maas section was looking a little sad compared to my Harry Potter section. Both of these smell wonderful, and I’m also now considering a scent obsession of Queen of Terrasen.

  3. cmelone (verified owner)

    Just got High King of Elfhame and Oh my Stars! and I love them! The white glitter in the Oh My Stars! candle is such an elegant touch!

  4. Krishna (verified owner)

    I got myself Book Boyfriend and Currently Reading and both smell amazing!!! Book Boyfriend has this fresh clean smell with a lovely cologne and I couldn’t stop smelling it when it arrived!! It’s definitely one of my favs!! Currently Reading is like sitting in a bookshop with a cup of coffee… everytime I open it the room floods with coffee scent! I love both and would definitely buy them again!

  5. cmelone (verified owner)

    I’ve gone with this size option a few times now and it’s GREAT! To me this is perfect for a candle that you really want to show off because of the book but you aren’t 100% if you’re going to like the scent. It’s large enough to still show off, but small enough that if you don’t like it, it’s okay.

  6. Megan Baxter (verified owner)

    I love the variety of options with the “mix & match” option, and I went with Book Boyfriend and Korol Rezni. NO. REGRETS. Upon receiving my candles in *the* cutest packaging, the two are stunning and smell absolutely divine. (Especially Book Boyfriend — SO DELIGHTFUL!) I LOVE the candles I got, and have honestly been thinking about this shop ever since. It certainly won’t be my last purchase with this shop!

  7. Malene (verified owner)

    This option is great and one I always use to try out new candles and to a reasonable price. Purchased Book Boyfriend and Currently Reading and love them both.

  8. Lilou (verified owner)

    I ordered a wizard-y duo: Broomstick Bar and Wizarding Waltz. I am so very grateful for the option to buy two candles at a reasonable price because I kind of want all the candles. I don’t know about you, but I don’t have “all of them” money. I’m pretty sure that Broomstick Bar is worth a full-size. It has the butterscotch that everyone loves, the beer to balance the sweet, and the fireplace scent that I simply adore. In this smaller size, though, one is super-aware of the top notes unless really, really close to the candle. I’m hoping that is different with a larger one. When I handed the candle to my mother after taking it out of the box, she said, “It smells like feet.” Of course, this just raises a bunch of questions and I’m probably not ready for the answers. It really does not remind me of feet, but my mom had a life before me, so. Yeah. Candle number two! Wizarding Waltz! It is a popular candle during wintertime. I’m not exactly sure why… it didn’t sound, from the books, as though it was very fun for most of the characters. But, were I there, I would’ve enjoyed a few waltzes and the smell of evergreens and snow. I tend not to enjoy a lot of mint, which is in this candle alongside pine and snow, but it is nicely done up with butterscotch somewhere in there. It all adds up to a lovely winter scent. However, there are cracks in my apartment wall around the window and even though the furnace is on, it is quite cold in here. Maybe this particular scent would be better in the summer when I barely remember what cold feels like. But right now, it is just adding to it all! Alas! Happy, though, that I was able to try this one in a smaller size.

  9. MZMedina (verified owner)

    I ordered “Cabeswater” and “Scarlet”. They have similar profiles and while when first opening the jars I thought they might be a bit too overpowering, I quickly grew accustomed to the scent and it’s just so fresh and meadow/spring rain-y that I often just smell them to get a shock of freshness into my system!
    Packing was very secure, and when I had a question for Brittany she answered straight away.

  10. krobertson88 (verified owner)

    I chose the combo of Levi’s Pumpkin Mocha Breve and TBR. Both candles smell amazing, looking forward to order more and trying out other scents with this option 🙂

  11. Audrey Johnson (verified owner)

    Still one of my favorite options to replenish favorites. I think I got Brave and Gansey, both have amazing scents.

  12. DRhim (verified owner)

    Second time ordering with Novelly Yours and I am very happy and love my two candles (the darkling!! and intelligent!!)
    The shipping was fast, cute and secure packaging, small thank you note and plot twist sample( this one smells soo fresh and good).

    The darkling smells like fresh, cool, storm of maculine. Really love this candle!! Wish had this smell as a room spray.
    The intelligent loved the label and the intense blue pop color of candle. Smells of musky book, strong sweet black tea!! Love it!! Thank you Brittany for beautiful and great candles!!

  13. Audrey Johnson (verified owner)

    I have used this option several times to buy candles again. I love the mix and match option. I love the smell of World Building. It’s fresh and outdoorsy. I also had to get more of The Darkling because it smells amazing.

  14. Audrey Johnson (verified owner)

    These 4 oz. candles are some of my favorite for bookstagram photos. There are only labels on one side, so it’s easy to get a great flat lay pic. I love all the beautiful colors and scents available. I bought all repeats because they smell divine…Cabeswater, Night Triumphant, Parabatai, and Queen of Terrasen.

  15. Yasaman Setayeshpour (verified owner)

    I love this mix and match deal. I ordered “The Darkling” and “The Wraith” and both smell amazing. The jars are also super cute!

  16. Jennifer Donsky (verified owner)

    I ordered “Cinder” and “Parabatai”. Cinder I had already gotten previously and just NEEDED another one because it’s so good. Parabatai just sounded so good and it’s smell definitely lives up to it! I think my only issue was that my Parabatai candle came with a wick that was really off-center and despite burning it for a while the first time I lit it, the wax didn’t melt on the side opposite the wick at all. I know how to fix it with aluminum foil, but it was still a little annoying. Still smells good though!

    • Brittany Smith

      Hi Jennifer! I’m so sorry that the wick was off-center! Sometimes hand-made items aren’t perfect 🙂 I try to keep things centered as best as I can and I wish you had let me know! I would have provided a new candle for you, but glad you still enjoyed the fragrances. Never hesitate to reach out if there’s an issue! I always do my best to fix it! Thanks so much for leaving a review!

  17. Sylvia Chris (verified owner)

    I ordered “The Darkling” and “Plot Twist”. The Darkling is the perfect mix of boyfriend and mystery with a hint of…well..darkness. It’s really perfect!
    Plot Twist is such a fun candle because you don’t know what color it’s going to be! That makes it so much fun to order because you just sit there and wonder! Mine is a beautiful pink, and it smells refreshing and fun. It’s a very spring/summer candle, in my opinion. Both are 5 star candles! You definitely can’t go wrong! I fully intend on ordering both candles in a larger size!

  18. ormoore (verified owner)

    Great candles! I ordered another Romance Trope for another professor friend of mine, but it smells so good I may end up buying one for myself, LOL! Also ordered the Darkling, because, well… ALEKSANDER. <3

  19. Megan Johnston (verified owner)

    This is such an awesome deal! I love being able to test out scents that I like in smaller quantities before committing to scents, so this is perfect for me! 4oz is the perfect size! I got Brave, because I’m a Gryffindor. It’s one of my hands down favorite scents from NovellyYours! It’s sweet, but not overpoweringly so with enough autumn-y spice to balance it out. And it’s the most beautiful red color! The other candle I got was Book Boyfriend, and I am obsessed! It is clean and light, like the most awesome clean smelling boy. It burns really lightly and smells great without ever becoming too strong. I love both of these candles and this deal was fantastic!

  20. ketterdam (verified owner)

    I ordered The Darkling and Antique Books which, if i’m not wrong, is no longer available? I absolutely adored The Darkling candle however the antique books candle took some time for me to like. Overall i’m very satisfied with my purchases!

  21. Jane Barrilleaux (verified owner)

    I ordered The Darkling and Book Boyfriend, and absolutely loved them both! The mix and match sets are a great way to discover some new scents at a very good price. These are two scents I’ll definitely repurchase in larger sizes!

  22. Yasaman Setayeshpour (verified owner)

    I ordered Cabeswater and Henrietta, and I love them both so much! Henrietta smells incredible and Cabeswater smells so earthy and so good! Plus it’s got a little bit of sparkle in it. <3 <3 <3

  23. Morgan Stokes (verified owner)

    I got The Darkling and Cinder since I’m going to read the Grisha trilogy soon, and Cinder because I love storms and tea smells! The candles smell amazing!!

  24. Gemma Foo (verified owner)

    Love my candles! I got Night Triumphant which is the perfect Rhys scent (my all time fave) and Craigh Na Dun which really reminds me of the fresh air and scents of the countryside 🙂

  25. Bookshelfquest (verified owner)

    I ordered both Night Triumphant and The Wraith and love them both! Night Triumphant is my favorite of all of the Rhysand/Night Court themed candles I’ve tried. It’s a clean, fresh mix of sea breeze, citrus and jasmine that isn’t to heavy on any one and makes a great blend. The Wraith has a gorgeous floral scent that is just amazing for spring and the color is absolutely beautiful! Highly recommend these if you’re looking to try out more than one scent. They’re strong enough to fill a small room without having to spend as much for a bigger size if you aren’t sure!

  26. Marlene A. (verified owner)

    I ordered “The Darkling” and “Book Boyfriend” and I loved them both! The Darkling was a little surprise to me, as I imagined more of a “darker” smell haha, but I really enjoyed it! Book Boyfriend smells like a really clean guy haha! Overall happy!

  27. Megan (verified owner)

    I ordered Book Boyfriend and Currently Reading to try out as my first Novelly Yours candles. I was most excited about Book Boyfriend, but actually preferred the other more! Book Boyfriend is advertised as “cologne and clean cotton,” and it’s overwhelmingly clean cotton. I will say, it’s not a generic smelling candle, it literally smells like a pile of fresh laundry, but I was disappointed with the lack of cologne hints in there. Currently Reading is divine! It is the perfect candle to light while you cozy up with your latest read and a warm blanket! It smells like a bookstore and coffee shop combined. 🙂 I look forward to trying out additional scents!

    • Brittany

      Thanks for your feedback!! The Book Boyfriend candle is definitely a lighter type of cologne to not be too overwhelming so it does blend with the cotton. I’m so glad you enjoyed Currently Reading, though! I always appreciate the feedback so I can constantly improve 🙂

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