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Experience the four different Londons from Grey to Red to White to Black with the As Travars candle, inspired by the Shades of Magic series by V.E. Schwab!



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Experience the four different Londons from Grey to Red to White to Black with the As Travars candle, inspired by the Shades of Magic series by V.E. Schwab!  Each layer is a different color AND a different scent, inspired by the four Londons from the series. From top to bottom:

GREY LONDON: smoke & rain 
RED LONDON: roses & tulips & florals
WHITE LONDON: ash & blood
BLACK LONDON: smoke & wood

[previous edit] As Travars is the May layered Candle of the Month at Novelly Yours! It will be on sale from April 30th, 2017 – May 31st, 2017 so make sure you get yours before it’s gone!
Bookmark included with every purchase of As Travars, while supplies last. 

Fragrances: (see above)
Net wax weight: Approx 11oz
Burn time: 70-80 hours

Scent profile: earthy to floral to firey
Scent strength*: potent to strong

*Scent strength is to give you an idea of stronger versus softer fragrances. All candles are made with the maximum amount of fragrance that this soy wax will hold. 

N/A – only available as 12oz jar

** This listing is for one 12oz jar. Any books/props/items used in the featured photo are purely for aesthetics and are not a part of this sale. ** 

NOTES | This is a 12oz jar made with all-natural soy wax. Soy wax is eco-friendly and burns cleaner than other waxes. It is also easy to clean in cases of accidental spills or if you should wish to keep the tin! Each candle comes with a resealable tin lid.
Please note that some frosting may occur. This is perfectly normal for soy candles and does not affect the scent or burn time. Frosting is merely an indicator of natural soy wax.
Each candle is also made in small batches so there may be very minor variations in color or scent.

SHIPPING | All candles are hand poured and made to order so please allow a few days lead time prior to shipping. Any (total) orders under 1lb will be shipped USPS First Class. Any orders 1lb or over will ship USPS Priority Mail. Items expected to ship within 7 – 14 days of payment.

8 reviews for As Travars · Layered Candle

  1. Liam Faucher (verified owner)

    I’m absolutely in love with this candle! The books instantly became a favourite of mine, so finding such a perfect candle to enhance the reading experience was such a treat. I love the scents, and that the layers are in the order that the Londons can be travelled through in the books. I’m really going to miss it, once I’ve burned it all.

  2. Janice Davis (verified owner)

    This candle is so gorgeous. Like a lot of others, I can’t bring myself to actually burn it – which is a big deal for me since even the most bookish candles I burn right away. I just love the way it looks and it’s currently on display with my ADSOM books where it will likely be for a while until I pluck up the courage to burn it. The Gray London does smell amazing, though.

  3. Claudia Montoya (verified owner)

    I haven’t gotten the courage to burn this one yet for fear of losing the beautiful layers but Grey London smells so good! I can’t wait to see what the other layers smell like, I’m sure I won’t be disappointed.

  4. Ana Aurelia Santos (verified owner)

    I had just finished reading A Gathering of Storms last month which I enjoyed so much, and was looking at ADSOM merchandise in ig. I stumbled upon a picture of a beautiful gray-red-white-black layered candle. That color combination was familiar so I visited the page, and such a coincidence that As Travars was Novelly Yours’ candle of the month! This was my first time to order here, and having bought from quite a few candle companies, I could say that my shopping experience here was one of the best. Brittany replied in a timely manner when I had a question. Processing and shipping was within the specified days. When I got the candle, oh myyy it was even more stunning in person. It came with a matching bookmark that had the scent descriptions of each layer. The red and white striped ribbon was a perfect touch to the candle. I didn’t want to burn it 😀 I’m burning it now a lilttle at a time. I’m loving the smell of Gray London..the scent of smoke and rain blended perfectly. Can’t wait for my copy of A Conjuring of Light so that I can binge read on it with my candle 🙂

  5. Yasaman Setayeshpour (verified owner)

    This candle is so beautiful! And so far, Grey London smells lovely. I’m super excited to smell the other layers, but at the same time, I sort of don’t want to get to the other layers because all four of them together just look so amazing. Thank you so much for this!

  6. Sarah Floate (verified owner)

    Not only does this candle look stunning, but the scents I’ve gotten to so far are wonderful. I cannot wait to burn down lower to reach the others, even if it does mean sacrificing the look of those beautiful stripes.

  7. Sydney King (verified owner)

    I absolutely love this candle. I can’t wait to burn it when I do a reread of the ADSOM series. I love how all the colors go together perfectly.

  8. Audrey Johnson (verified owner)

    This candle is amazing! The colors are beautiful. The top layer smells spicy and fresh. I can’t wait to see what the other layers smells like. The labels are perfect as usual.

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