Enamel Pins Seconds Sale | B & C Grade Pins

Take advantage of these discounted enamel pins! These pins have been deemed less than A grade condition. B grade features small damages or flaws (dented metal portions, small enamel bleed, stray glitter, dimpled enamel). C grade features larger damages or flaws (most often mission portions of enamel).


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  • “Coffee & Contemplation”, originally seen in the Welcome to Hawkins box
    • Soft enamel pin, 1″, black metal plating
  • “Pirate’s Life”, originally seen in the Pirate Plunders & Siren Songs box
    • 1.5″ soft enamel pin, black metal plating
  • The Raven Cycle enamel pin collection (available as a set of five or individually)
    • The Mirror, The Magician, The Greywaren, The Raven King, The Ghost
    • 1.5″ hard enamel pin, gold metal plating
  • “Roses Have Both Petals and Thorns”, inspired by Stalking Jack the Ripper
    • Hard Enamel pin, 1.5″, gold metal plating
  • Unfogging the Future, originally seen in the Mystical Magic box
    • Hard enamel pin, 1.75″ rose gold metal plating
  • When All Is Blood, Blood is All, originally seen in the Murderous Vengeance box
    • Hard enamel pin, 1.5″ silver metal plating with red, white, and black enamel
  • “Wolf of the Waves” enamel pin, originally seen in the Grishaverse box
    • Soft enamel pin, 1.5″ black metal plating

ESTIMATED SHIP DATE | Estimated processing time for in-stock enamel pins is 2-5 business days. Enamel pins will be shipped with regular orders or by themselves wrapped in bubble wrap and shipped in a padded envelope.



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