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August’s exclusive candle box from Novelly Yours is Journey to Terrasen! This box will arrive in time to bring back all of your Throne of Glass feelings before the finale with KINGDOM OF ASH, full of candles inspired by prominent members of Aelin’s court and others who helped her along her way to reclaim her kingdom.


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August’s exclusive candle box from Novelly Yours is Journey to Terrasen! This box will arrive in time to bring back all of your Throne of Glass feelings before the finale with KINGDOM OF ASH, full of candles inspired by prominent members of Aelin’s court and others who helped her along her way to reclaim her kingdom.

The extra goodies will also feature some of these characters as well as including plenty of Aelin-related quotes and inspiration too!

This Journey to Terrasen box will include the following exclusive items:

  • One 9oz jar
  • Two 4oz jars
  • Two 2oz jars
  • One double-sided 5×7 print
  • Two double-sided bookmarks
  • One enamel pin
  • One button
  • One sticker
  • One magnet
  • Custom-made Journey to Terrasen box
  • Exclusively designed candle labels

All of the contents of this box are exclusive, meaning they will not be sold later on in the shop for regular sale! The box will be on sale for $35.00 with contents valued at nearly $70 individually!!

This listing is for a PRE-ORDER of the box, meaning they will not ship within the normal 14 day processing time. These pre-orders are available for purchase starting MONDAY AUGUST 6TH at midnight CST (12:01am)  through this page and quantities will be limited on a first-come, first-serve basis! Once the boxes are sold out, they’re sold out! I have no current plans for a restock.

Boxes will ship between 8/20/18 – 8/24/18.

This box may be purchased in conjunction with other candles but separate shipping charges may apply OR other candles may be held to ship with your exclusive box order. Based on how the website “boxes” your order, items may ship together or separately. Only one box will be allowed per order, as they are available based on a limited quantity. 

ABOUT THE NOVELLY YOURS EXCLUSIVE BOX | I wanted my candle box to focus mainly on the candles themselves! There will be extra goodies in every box (book marks, prints, stickers, etc) and for this box, every single item has been designed by Novelly Yours!! I wanted to be able to give you bigger candles and larger quantities and keep that the main focus (although I’m also suuuuper excited for the merch).

11 reviews for Journey to Terrasen | August Limited-Edition Candle Box | Overstock

  1. natpat_c (verified owner)

    I absolutely love this box. I’m so happy Manon got the biggest size! My favorite is Manon and Dorian. The other ones are a little too musky for me. The labels are gorgeous. The pin is also wonderful. A lot of values for the price.

  2. Amlys (verified owner)

    This was such a wonderful box! Even a candle inspired by a character I find wildly overrated knocked my socks off with how good it is. It was my first purchase from NY and it hasn’t been the last since!

  3. eddn (verified owner)

    This box was everything I hoped it would be. I love all the candles, but especially love Manon. The scents and overall design are so well thought out.

  4. KCoop (verified owner)

    Another terrific box by a great company. I loved my Manon candle and the Terrasen pin, both look great on my bookshelf.

  5. Megan (verified owner)

    Fantastic box! Every candle smelled as described and brought to mind the character it represented. You can tell much thought went into creating their unique scents and it paid off. I also love the pin and book marks, particularly the one detailed the various names Aelin wears throughout the series. By far my favourite box so far!

  6. Emily Raphael (verified owner)

    This box was such a beautiful collection of my favorite characters from the Throne of Glass series. The candles smell amazing are are such wonderful representations of the characters. I love burning the Manon and Dorian ones together;) The bookmarks and even the print are constant companions while reading and rereading the books! I highly recommend ordering a candle box!!!

  7. Hh_hayley (verified owner)

    IN LOVE. That’s honestly what I have to say about the candels I bought. I only bought two 2oz jars – Dorian and Nehemia but I’m completely inlove. I ordered my candles on October 31 and recieved them on the 13, super quick in my opinion seeing as I am in Canada and totally worth the short wait too.
    I was also weary on purchasing Nehemia as I personally couldn’t find the scents listed ( Lotus Blossom + Nutmeg + Spices if you also can’t find it) anywhere and my eyes couldn’t process the lettering on instagram pictures but I am SOOOO glad I did. If you have the chance to buy one of the remaining candels of Nehemia or Dorian I completely reccomend it!

  8. Savanna (verified owner)

    She did this box perfectly!!! I love love love her themes she does so well fitting everything around it. The scents are perfect character matches and SO. GOOD. SMELLING! The boys’ will make you swoon and the womens’ will make you sigh. This box had some of my fave scents to date, namely Nehimias 😍 and the quotes she picked for the prints and bookmarks are on point! I use all her stuff in my photos and these are no exception. I love the quality, especially for the price! Her monthly boxes are my fave💖

  9. mackenziem (verified owner)

    the candles were amazing!! my favs probably dorian and manon. the pin is so pretty. i only wish things werent two sided because everything is so gorgeous i want to see all sides at once!!

  10. Audrey J. (verified owner)

    This box was perfect! I loved all the candles, especially Dorian. The enamel pin was extra gorgeous also. I really love the quotes and characters that were used for this box. As always, this was a great value.

  11. Jess (verified owner)

    Absolute perfection! The Throne of Glass series is my absolute favorite (I even cosplay as Aelin!) and this box was everything I could have asked for and more! Each candle is stunning with beautiful labels, the scents are exactly what I imagined for each character, and the special goodies from other artisans are so phenomal! I know I’m going to grab another box when my fandoms come round again and I cannot recommend enough for others to do the same! Plus Novelly Yours even left the sweetest comments on my Instagram post of the unboxing. Just a perfect company and worth every penny!

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