Scent Obsession · 22oz jar three wick candle · choose your favorite Novelly Yours scent!

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Fulfill your Scent Obsessions with this new extra large candle from Novelly Yours! Choose almost any Novelly Yours scent to fill your Scent Obsession jar — whether past or present, you can bring back some of your favorite retired scents or indulge in your favorite scents that are currently in the shop, but either way you get more candle for your buck!

NOTE: If you are choosing a retired scent, you MUST message me first to make sure I still have the necessary fragrance oils! Send me an email or drop me a quick message on Instagram!

See the full description below with even more details, what retired scents qualify, and how to order!



Fulfill your Scent Obsessions with this new extra large candle from Novelly Yours! Choose almost any Novelly Yours scent to fill your Scent Obsession jar — whether past or present, you can bring back some of your favorite retired scents or indulge in your favorite scents that are currently in the shop!
  • Choose your favorite Novelly Yours scent to fill your Scent Obsession jar! You can choose from any current listing in the shop or grab almost ANY retired scent! Sorry but scents from the exclusive candle boxes are not available in the Scent Obsession size. I don’t always stock the oils used for those special scents and those scents are exclusive to the boxes.
  • Choose your desired scent from the dropdown menu OR choose the option for a Retired Scent and leave that selection for me in the notes!
  • All Scent Obsession jars will ship Priority Mail but can be included in your regular order too! Please note it’s a large jar so it does take up a large amount of space in your box!


  • Each Scent Obsession jar is made-to-order since it is based off of your selection, so please allow 1-2 weeks for your order to be created and shipped, or longer depending on current processing time & holiday/sale rushes
  • Each Scent Obsession candle is a three wick candle with cotton wicks.
  • Each label will be designed as shown in the example photo — the name will display your selected Novelly Yours scent in the same black and white design.
  • Scent Obsession candles will no longer contain dyes. Candles will be white/non-dyed.
  • PLEASE CONTACT ME FIRST if you wish to purchase any retired scents! I do not always have the fragrance oils from past candles due to supplier discontinuations or I just don’t stock them anymore since I don’t stock that candle anymore. Retired scents cannot include scents from past exclusive boxes or from other company’s subscription boxes as they were exclusive to that box.
  • NOTE: This is NOT for custom listings and cannot be used for exclusive scents (like from subscription boxes). Only current or retired Novelly Yours scents will be applicable for this listing! New or previous custom designs are not applicable.


Materials: glass jar, cotton wicks, soy wax, fragrance oil, liquid dye (if applicable)
Container: 22oz glass jar
Net wax weight: 19oz

** This listing is for one 22oz jar. Any books/props/items used in the featured photo are purely for aesthetics and are not a part of this sale. Colors and fragrances may vary slightly if your scent needs to be made in a smaller batch. Bookmark not included. ** 

NOTES | This is a listing for one 22oz jar, filled with all-natural soy wax. Soy wax is eco-friendly and burns cleaner than other waxes. It is also easy to clean in cases of accidental spills or if you should wish to keep the jar! Each candle comes with a resealable lid.
Please note that some frosting may occur. This is perfectly normal for soy candles and does not affect the scent or burn time. Frosting is merely an indicator of natural soy wax.
Each candle is also made in small batches so there may be very minor variations in color or scent.


All candles are hand poured and may made to order so please allow a few days lead time prior to shipping. DUE TO THE HIGH HOLIDAY VOLUME, SCENT OBSESSION CANDLES MAY TAKE UP TO 21 PROCESSING DAYS. Likely less but please allow plenty of time for this custom request to be processed!
US Customers: Any (total) orders under 1lb will be shipped USPS First Class. Any orders 1lb or over will ship USPS Priority Mail.
International Customers (shipments outside of the US): Any (total) orders under 4lbs may ship USPS First Class International. Orders over 4lbs will ship USPS Priority Mail. Customs charges may apply to international shipments. Please note that the customer is responsible for any and all customs duties/taxes and these customs charges are not associated with Novelly Yours Candles in any way.

For any other processing or shipping questions, please refer to the Shop FAQs & Policies!

19 reviews for Scent Obsession · 22oz jar three wick candle · choose your favorite Novelly Yours scent!

  1. TristanFaith (verified owner)

    My favorite purchase was getting the scent Sweet Sorrows in this size! It is my favorite scent, and so nice to not burn through the candle in a week with how often I burn this candle.

  2. Victoria Herrmann (verified owner)

    Excellent option for that scent you just can’t get enough of! I nabbed a Reveurs scent before it went out of stock and had no regrets. As it’s a very large candle with three wicks, it will DEFINITELY fill up your room!

  3. Russetfrost (verified owner)

    This candle lasted long time and smelled great with the scent I picked. Also good price for the amount you get!

  4. cburns2006 (verified owner)

    These candles are the best! I got the OMG one since I’m in love with the scent and this is even better than the smaller ones because it fills a larger area with the scent.

  5. csy (verified owner)

    I got Gansey. It is my favorite. The mint scent used isn’t too sweet and it always surprises people when I have them smell it. I love that Brittany uses the excess as temporary restock. I was able to buy a smaller candle for my mom who thought it was weird I love this scent so much. When she received her Gansey candle, she said she understands now why I love it.

  6. Hannah Bennett (verified owner)

    I can’t get over how much I love my Wizarding Waltz in this size! It’s fills up our entire downstairs,and smells so yummy! Highly recommend!

  7. tarax921 (verified owner)

    I ordered this in the retired Pineapple Float scent. It’s amazing! I love that Brittany made this an option. I will definitely be placing more orders in the future!

  8. Rocketfoot7 (verified owner)

    I love the fact that this allows us to try out retired scents that we may have missed! Really nice three-wick candle that is sure to fill up large rooms with your scent of choice! I’ll definitely be ordering more of these in future 🙂

  9. natpat_c

    Very good value once you know which scents you love. I ordered this for Star Eternal. The size is perfect for big rooms.

  10. Tracy (verified owner)

    Repeat purchase. I LOVE this so much I super-sized the candle!! 😁

  11. Audrey Johnson (verified owner)

    This is still one of the greatest options. I love having my favorite scents to fill my whole house.

  12. Crystal Thomas (verified owner)

    I had Brittany make Ond Elder in the scent obsession size. The crackling of the wood wicks and the scent of herbs and fire… it’s just so lovely. I highly recommend! I’ll definitely be ordering again!

  13. boobecca92 (verified owner)

    Brittany made my DREAMS COME TRUE with this scent obsession candle by allowing me to bring back the Chuck Bass scent so that I can burn it happily for the rest of my days.

  14. Tiffany (verified owner)

    I love this option so much! I bought The Darkling scent obsession candle and that baby filled up my whole apartment. My husband even loved that scent!! Will be buy more for sure!

  15. Audrey Johnson (verified owner)

    This option is just so amazing! I’ve ordered more than one Morozova’s Herd, and more recently Reading Challenge which was part of a 2 oz. sampler. It smells like coffee and amazing sweet pastries.

  16. mackenziem (verified owner)

    this is perfect! i love that we can order the retired scents as well. when i bought this, it was still with two cotton wicks so im super excited to get it again with three wicks for a more even burn.

  17. Audrey Johnson (verified owner)

    Now that this option is available for current scents, retired scents, or specific layers, I say light it up! I have a running list of scents that I want to buy in this size (when funds are available). I will be ordering Morozova’s Herd again. It smells so winter fresh!

  18. Caroline Allen (verified owner)

    I’m so pleased these are offered in retired scents and previous samplers – I loved the Alucard candle from the pirate & rogues sampler set (the scent and the character) but was hesitant to burn it because I didn’t want to use it up too soon. This larger size still looks lovely, even though it’s designed to be a simple, burning candle, and the scent is gorgeous! It fills my room – and the rooms next door – after only a little time alight. Wonderful!

  19. Melissa Kuehl (verified owner)

    So glad I bought this scent in this size! It’s absolutely amazing! And I didn’t feel bad burning the pretty ones! Definitely going to buy this one again.

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