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Steaming Cocoa

(4 customer reviews)

Warm up from the winter with this cocoa-inspired candle! Aromas of hot chocolate, marshmallows, and whipped cream make up this delicious, comforting candle!
This product has been updated from wooden wick to cotton wicks (2 wick) as of 11/20/20. Wooden wick option has been discontinued. 
Winter seasonal candle available through February 28th.

Scents at a glance: hot cocoa, marshmallow, whipped cream
Scent profile:
bakery, sweet
See full description below for detailed fragrance profile.


Out of stock

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Warm up from the winter with this cocoa-inspired candle! Aromas of hot chocolate, marshmallows, and whipped cream make up this delicious, comforting candle!
Candle No. 10 in the Happy + Home Collection. See the rest of the collection


Fragrances: hot cocoa, marshmallows, whipped cream
Candle Color: white/no dye
Fragrance profile:
sweet, bakery
Scent strength*: medium to potent

Top notes: hot cocoa, chocolate, cocoa powder
Middle notes: floating marshmallows, soft vanilla
Base notes: whipped cream

*Scent strength is to give you an idea of stronger versus softer fragrances. All candles are made with the maximum amount of fragrance that this soy wax will hold. 

NOTES | This is an 8oz jar made with all-natural soy wax. Soy wax is eco-friendly and burns cleaner than other waxes. It is also easy to clean in cases of accidental spills or if you should wish to keep the jar! Each candle comes with a resealable lid.
Please note that some frosting may occur. This is perfectly normal for soy candles and does not affect the scent or burn time. Frosting is merely an indicator of natural soy wax.
Each candle is also made in small batches so there may be very minor variations in color or scent.

** This listing is for one 8oz jar. Any other books/props/items used in the featured photo are purely for aesthetics and are not a part of this sale. ** 


+ LEVI’S PUMPKIN MOCHA BREVE | Similar scents: chocolate
+ SALTED CARAMEL CHOCOLATE CAKE | Similar scents: chocolate


All candles are hand poured and may made to order. Please check current processing times on check out page for more details.
US Customers: Any (total) orders under 1lb will be shipped USPS First Class. Any orders 1lb or over will ship USPS Priority Mail.
International Customers (shipments outside of the US): Any (total) orders under 4lbs may ship USPS First Class International. Orders over 4lbs will ship USPS Priority Mail. Customs charges may apply to international shipments. Please note that the customer is responsible for any and all customs duties/taxes and these customs charges are not associated with Novelly Yours Candles in any way.

For any other processing or shipping questions, please refer to the Shop FAQs & Policies!

Materials: glass jar, wick, soy wax, fragrance oil, UV stabilizer (to prevent wax discoloration due to sun exposure), metal lid, label
Container: 8oz glass jar
Net wax weight: Approx 9oz (fill to overflow)
Burn time: 50-60 hours

4 reviews for Steaming Cocoa

  1. zmz945

    This goes really well with my evening hot chocolate, book, or even when I’m working. The crackling + ASMR is perfect for relaxation on the cushion! I just have to make sure I don’t fall asleep in the living room.

  2. Noelle

    I received this candle as a Christmas gift.
    I find that the scent strength is not strong at all. I’ve also been having some issues with the wick, although I think that may be due to possible user error at the beginning. I can’t hear the wood crackling at all, unless I put my ear right up to the candle. 🙁

  3. Audrey Johnson

    This smells just like a huge mg of hot chocolate. It’s incredible how real it smells.

  4. Tracy (verified owner)

    A steaming mug of hot chocolate in my hand, and a steaming mug of hot cocoa candle burning nearby is decadence in a jar.

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