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January’s’s exclusive candle box from Novelly Yours is The Grishaverse, inspired by the novels of Leigh Barudgo! This box will feature candles and goodies inspired by The Shadow and Bone Trilogy, The Six of Crows duology, and The Language of Thorns!

Overstock available while supplies last. Items will not be made again. 


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January’s’s exclusive candle box from Novelly Yours is The Grishaverse, inspired by the novels of Leigh Barudgo! This box will feature candles and goodies inspired by The Shadow and Bone Trilogy, The Six of Crows duology, and The Language of Thorns!

This Grishaverse box will include the following exclusive items:

  • One 9oz jar
  • Two 4oz jars
  • Two 2oz jars
  • One double-sided 5×7 print
  • Two double-sided bookmarks
  • TWO enamel pins
  • TWO woodmarks
  • One magnet
  • One sticker
  • Custom-made Grishaverse box
  • Exclusively designed candle labels

All of the contents of this box are exclusive, meaning they will not be sold later on in the shop for regular sale! Only if overstock is available will it go on sale in the shop and that is never a guarantee. The box will be on sale for $35.00 with contents valued at nearly $85 individually!!

This box may be purchased in conjunction with other candles but separate shipping charges may apply OR other candles may be held to ship with your exclusive box order. Based on how the website “boxes” your order, items may ship together or separately. Only one box will be allowed per order, as they are available based on a limited quantity. 

ABOUT THE NOVELLY YOURS EXCLUSIVE BOX | I wanted my candle box to focus mainly on the candles themselves! There will be extra goodies in every box (book marks, prints, stickers, etc) and for this box, every single item has been designed by Novelly Yours!! I wanted to be able to give you bigger candles and larger quantities and keep that the main focus (although I’m also suuuuper excited for the merch).

14 reviews for The Grishaverse · January 2019 Box · Overstock

  1. Mina (verified owner)

    Everything is great about this box. And the candle scents did not give me a headache like a lot of others do. This made me very happy! And the art in the box is really lovely and also high quality. I am definitely going to be a regular customer of this store!

  2. Jody Pulcheon (verified owner)

    Another great box! Thank you!

  3. Megan S (verified owner)

    Wow, this is my first box from Novelly Yours and I LOVE it!!! I am so impressed with the quantity of things and the quality. Each candle scent is so unique and amazing. I love the wooden book marks and the pins too!!!

  4. Margaret K (verified owner)

    really enjoyed the box! I liked the pins a lot and hope to see more in the future. If I had one complaint it’s that there was another coffee candle in the box and I feel like it’s too overpowering? but otherwise good!

  5. Caty (verified owner)

    This was my first candle box, after receiving several different Novelly Yours candles in other subscription boxes. I absolutely loved this box! I hope to purchase another box in the future (depending on the fandom).

  6. cmelone (verified owner)

    I loved my Grishaverse box so much! I was so impressed by how many extras were included! I’m a big fan of the magnet so I can display my neediness at work. The enamel pins were gorgeous! The Proper Thieves scent is RIDICULOUSLY awesome.

  7. Valerie (verified owner)

    This was my first exclusive candle box, and I absolutely loved it and was blown away by the quality. It has a wide range of Grisha items (and Language of Thorns), and I loved the variety of candles and scents. The pins were stunning, and the bookmarks are beautiful and already in use. I can’t wait to see future candle boxes!

  8. Paige C (verified owner)

    Love, love, love this box! So man amazing products all for an amazing price! I absolutely love that everything inside goes perfectly with the theme and they are all of amazing quality, especially the candles! They smell so good and I can’t wait to have them fill my room! I would highly recommend these boxes to anyone looking for amazing book goodies!

  9. ashleydang096 (verified owner)

    Definitely a great box for any Grishaverse fan! The candles were superb and there were TWO gorgeous pins in this box! I loved the design for every item and I just can’t stop gushing over the SoC items!

  10. Karianne (verified owner)

    I loved this box! The items and the candles are great, I like that there are things from all parts of the Grishaverse in this box and it is done so well! The pins and bookmarks are really nice. Sankta Alina might be my favorite candle from this box but Proper Thieves reminds me of the candle Novelly Yours made for The Bookish Box’s Grishaverse box, No Mourners, which I also loved and I’m glad to have more of that kind of scent to burn now!

  11. birneyja (verified owner)

    This special edition box was my very first purchase from NY and I was blown away! I couldn’t believe the quality and quantity I got for the price. Every candle was wrapped perfectly for travel thru the harsh postal conditions and they all smell and are designed perfectly! Also really enjoyed all the fandom items included in the box as well. GrishaVerse is one of my all time favorite series and I definitely plan on purchase another special edition box and more candles in the future.

  12. Audrey Johnson (verified owner)

    This was my favorite box yet! 2 enamel pins and 2 woodmarks, along with 5 amazing candles. I loved all the quotes used, and the candles smell amazing and unique. Proper Thieves is probably going on my Scent Obsession list. I love that these boxes have often come ahead of anticipated book releases. There was so much to love in this box, and it was a great price for everything included.

  13. egloring90 (verified owner)

    This was my 4th box and definitely one of favorites! All the candles smell amazing and the labels are gorgeous! All the designs on the bookmarks and print are so stunning and perfect for the quotes and characters they’re based off of. All of the items are so high quality and well made and the amount of products you get for the cost is such a great deal. The Novelly Yours candle boxes are, and continue to be, my favorite subscription box and I can’t wait to see what Brittany comes up with next!

  14. ormoore (verified owner)

    First ever purchase of a FULL NY box! I wanted to wait until it was a fandom (or had multiple fandoms) I really really love and am very dedicated to– the Grishaverse is definitely tied for top as number one, so naturally I had to snag this (along with a couple others!). I was fortunate to have a $25 NY gift card from my cousin-in-law for Christmas, so that helped with costs greatly!

    My fave things about the box are the candles, of course (the Shadow and Bone candles I am particularly fond of 😉 ), and I can’t wait til Britt posts the leftovers! IK exactly the ones I’m getting, haha 😉

    The other stuff was pretty cool; I liked the sticker and maybe one of the pins best. I do wish that Britt would sometimes incorporate a larger, more solid item or two (lotta paper items, candles aside), but maybe that’s just me, and she DOES have 5 candles–albeit in different sizes– in her average box! (Sorry if this sounded nit-picky, it’s just I can be reluctant to part with my money at times, and I like to have very high expectations for Grisha merch *hides face* But! The candles made it worth it, Britt!)

    • Brittany Smith

      Thank you so much for your feedback! I just wanted to address the comment about items in the box — I likely won’t ever, or at least for a long time, include a lot of those “bigger” items that other boxes do. I create and make everything myself so that means I have to source everything myself. I’ve looked into a LOT of different items but several of them cost at least $5 a piece if not more and that would drive up the cost of the box significantly. I like to put my money into the candles and provide five candles INCLUDING a full-size, which other boxes do not. So shortly, I’m just not other boxes! I like to think of my box as a candle box first and foremost, and the other goodies are mostly bonus. I do try to provide the best value for your money and right now, I think that’s the current structure of the box. It is firstly a candle box, and that’s what the bigger items are!

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