The Lunar Chronicles Collection | 2oz jars, set of four

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These Lunar Chronicles candles were some of the first that inspired me to open my shop and they’re still some of my favorite scents! Gather up all four leading ladies of The Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer with this four-candle set!



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These Lunar Chronicles candles were some of the first that inspired me to open my shop and they’re still some of my favorite scents! Gather up all four leading ladies of The Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer with this four-candle set! 


Materials: glass jar, cotton wick, soy wax, fragrance oil, liquid dye
Container: 2oz glass jar (per candle)
Net wax weight: Approx 2oz (per candle)
Burn time: 10-12 hours (per candle)

This listing is for the TWO OUNCE set. This set is offered in three different sizes: 2oz candles, 4oz candles, 9oz candles.  This is a collection of four (scents listed above) and other scents cannot be substituted. Also available to order individually in the 9oz size.

NOTES | All candles are made from all-natural soy wax. Soy wax is eco-friendly and burns cleaner than other waxes. It is also easy to clean in cases of accidental spills or if you should wish to keep the jar! Each candle comes with a resealable lid.
Please note that some frosting may occur. This is perfectly normal for soy candles and does not affect the scent or burn time. This is merely an indicator of all-natural soy wax.
All candles are hand poured and may need to be made to order so please allow a few days lead time prior to shipping. Each candle is also made in small batches so there may be very minor variations in color or scent.


CINDER: firewood, storms, white tea
SCARLET: outdoors, fruit
CRESS: sugar, vanilla, flowers
WINTER: apple, sugar, honey

Check out the links to the individual listings for each scent for more details on fragrances!


All candles are hand poured and may made to order so please allow a few days lead time prior to shipping. Items expected to ship within 7 – 14 days of payment.
US Customers: Any (total) orders under 1lb will be shipped USPS First Class. Any orders 1lb or over will ship USPS Priority Mail.
International Customers (shipments outside of the US): Any (total) orders under 4lbs may ship USPS First Class International. Orders over 4lbs will ship USPS Priority Mail. Customs charges may apply to international shipments. Please note that the customer is responsible for any and all customs duties/taxes and these customs charges are not associated with Novelly Yours Candles in any way.

For any other processing or shipping questions, please refer to the Shop FAQs & Policies!

6 reviews for The Lunar Chronicles Collection | 2oz jars, set of four

  1. Elizabeth

    I bought the set in 2oz tins, and my only regret is not splurging to buy a larger size!
    Not only do they smell incredible and lovely, they all remind me of their respective characters, which is always a fun and interesting twist to a candle.
    Cinder was the candle I wasn’t sure I’d enjoy as much as the others but turned out to be one of my favorites. It smells like firewood and things reminiscent of nature and spice (the white tea). Scarlet surprised me with how fresh and citrusy it smelled; so strongly clear and like a day spent in an orchard. Cress was another favorite, one I expected to smell wonderful and did. It reminds me of her personality quite well; it has aromas of sugar, flowers, and things more akin to a warmth than the freshness in the first two. Winter was just as equally lovely as the others. Of course, it carried its scent of apples but was paired nicely with other summery fruits and things encompassed in that season.
    I’ve been holding out on using them (especially as it is currently summer), but I know that when fall rolls around, these will be burnt through quickly! I would most definitely recommend them, fans of the Lunar Chronicles or not.

  2. wilsongriffin (verified owner)

    This set is such a delight! I love the Novelly sampler sets because it allows me to try many candles and find my favorites. In this set, I loved 3 of 4 (Cinder, Cress, and Winter) enough to repurchase them as full size. Definitely thinking about getting these as gifts for others.

  3. tracyrae5000 (verified owner)

    There’s four beautiful, different scents and multiple emotions/feelings within each scent. This could have easily been my only purchase as a new customer intent on hopefully beginning a relationship with a new to me candle maker. Luckily, I splurged and purchased several candles, in many scents, and I have enjoyed all so far! I’ll be ordering again very soon. ????

  4. (verified owner)

    I’ve bought the Lunar Chronicles Candles twice now, each time as gift for someone else and each time I had a hard time giving them away. I just wanted to keep them for myself, they smell so amazing!!! Each scent is perfect for the character it’s made for. Cinder and Scarlet were probably my favorites, but I love the collection as a whole. Love love love!!!

  5. Claudia Montoya (verified owner)

    Each of these scents is so incredibly unique and different, this is a perfect set with a really nice variation and I think they all fit their namesakes really well. The Cinder candle smells slightly masculine from the firewood but it combines so well with the white tea. Scarlet is my favorite of the set, something about it reminds me a little bit of apples and fresh air and it smells fantastic. Cress smells like sugar cookies and I’m definitely going to need a bigger size come winter time, it’ll be perfect to burn during colder weather; the Winter candle smells fruity and warm and delicious, like Thanksgiving dessert! I’m probably going to end up getting bigger sizes of all of them because of how good they all smell!

  6. Alexandra Ray (verified owner)

    I love these 2oz tins. They are the perfect samplers for collections such as this one. But it turns out I should have just leapt and bought all four in the 8oz because they are perfection! Right now I am burning the Cress candle and it is so sweet! It gives me all the warm and fuzzies that I got while reading Cress’s pov. Cinder’s candle really catches the fire of her heart, and is reminiscent of her New Beijing roots. Scarlet smells like a garden after a rain storm. It’s tied for favorite along with Winter, which is fruity and pure and lovely. I can’t wait to burn through these and get them again in the larger size!

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