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Retiring Candles | Available through May 2nd!

It’s been a tough decision but it’s finally time to retire a few candles to make room for new ones!

I know, I know, it’s so hard to say goodbye! EIGHT current regular candles will be retired after May 2nd (you’ll be able to purchase through the end of the day on 5/2). And don’t worry, FIVE new candles will be coming to the shop on April 30th to help ease the pain. I’ve been doing reveals on Instagram so be sure to head over there to see what’s coming to the shop and what’s new for May!

CATH’S LEMON TARTS | lemon cake, sugar, buttercream

THE DARKLING | forest, frost, storms

CRAIGH NA DUN | heather, herbs, firewood

HENRIETTA | leaves, woodsmoke, moss, pine

MANIBUS | moss & mist

THORNE | masculine musk & clean linen

MATTHIAS | ice, frost, snow, tulips

PARABATAI | outdoors, forest, citrus

You can grab these candles through the end of the day on May 2nd! After that, they go into the Novelly Yours vault! You will still be able to grab them as a Scent Obsession size but all of these scents in all of their sizes will be retired.

The 12oz jars (except for layered candles) will also be leaving the shop after 5/2. They’re currently all on sale for $16, down from $18, no coupon code needed!