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Scent Series | Summertime Scents

Summer is here and I always love bringing out the recommendations with the change of the seasons! It’s my favorite time for clean & fresh scents, lighter florals, and fruity notes!! Below are my recommendations for the Novelly Yours candles that I love burning in the summertime!

SUMMERTIME STORIES | watermelon, pineapple, peach, vanilla ice cream

Summertime Stories is the summer seasonal candle, available now through the end of August! This candle has a delicious fruity blend of true watermelon, juicy pineapple and peach, and a true vanilla ice cream smell!! It’s the perfect candle to burn all summer long while cooling off indoors or eating a delicious cold treat!

CABESWATER | meadow, rain, forest, lavender

Cabeswater is a great summer scent! It’s light, earthy, and fresh and I really love burning this one in warm weather! It’s such a soothing blend of light grassy notes, meadow, and outdoors!

BOOK RAINBOW | sunshine & rain

What better candle to burn during the summer than a rainbow itself? Fresh air combines with fresh citrus for a sunshine feel combined with a clean rain for that perfect summer scent! Plus the aesthetics of the rainbow dye are one of my favorite parts!

SCARLET | citrus, outdoors, rain

Scarlet is still one of my favorite scents! Lemon and grapefruit meet rain, meadow, outdoors, and apple blossoms for a uniquely refreshing combination! This candle is so invigorating and an amazing summer candle!

STARS ETERNAL | champagne, ocean breeze, fresh air

If you love refreshing scents, check out the bubbly profile of Stars Eternal! The champagne notes add life to this candle with sweet florals dancing on an ocean breeze and a base of beautiful fresh air for such a happy, sniff-worthy candle!

SHIPPING IT | sea, ocean, linen

I adore this complex blend of fragrances! Clean ocean and sea scents dance on top of a deep base of driftwood and linens for an interesting and soothing blend!

Do any of these candles top your favorites list? What are some of your favorite spring scents!?

If you’re looking for more spring fragrances, don’t forget that you can browse by scent and peruse the entire Novelly Yours collection broken down by your favorite fragrance types!