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Summer scents are in! From fruity to tropical to ocean vibes, these scented candles are ideal for the season! Returning favorites and …

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Splash Into Summer with these five fragrances!

Summer scents are in! From fruity to tropical to ocean vibes, these scented candles are ideal for the season!

five summer themed candles from novelly yours

Returning favorites and brand-new additions are now on sale! Stock up on these fruity scents, ocean vibes, and tropical feels with these five Novelly Yours candles!


coconut · ocean rose · driftwood

Beachy and tropical, this candle avoids the fruity notes but is packed with coconut! That kicks off this scent profile, followed by a gorgeous, deep aroma of ocean rose for that beachy vibe. Ocean ozone and soft rose petals create the middle note, deepened by soothing driftwood for that deep, earthy base.




watermelon · pineapple · peach · vanilla ice cream

This customer favorite is back for 2022! Upgraded to the new Literary Collection labels, this fruit-bomb is packed full of delicious fruit scents on top of a vanilla ice cream base for a soft, summery scent!





peach · blood orange · sangria

This scent was updated for the 2022 summer season, deepening that sangria base and adding more complexity! Topped off by juicy peach and savory blood orange, this candle was the first ever in the Home Collection and it’s been going strong for years!





sunshine · fresh air · soft linens · vanilla

Deliciously soft and dreamy, this candle kicks off with a blend of citrus that immediately blends with the vanilla base for an orange creamsicle vibe. Tossing in some clean scents like fresh air and soft linens adds a freshness to the overall feel for just the loveliest fragrance!





juicy tangelo · raspberry sorbet · pineapple · pink sea salt

We fell in love with this new tangelo fragrance and it brought the Island Sunrise candle to life! Bursting with juicy tangerine, mango, and citrus fruit, Island Sunrise hits the summery spot! Raspberry sorbet adds even more brightness to the fragrance profile with a dash of tropical pineapple on a base of pink sea salt for that beachy vibe.



Which of these five fragrances are you looking forward to this season? Don’t miss our spring selections that stick around for the summer season too!

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