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Scent Series | Summertime Scents

UPDATED 02/02/18

Summer is on its way and I love light, fresh, and clean scents for the summertime. From light and fruity to airy and earthy, here are some of my favorites to burn/melt in the warmer weather!

SCARLET | The Lunar Chronicles-inspired candle

Scarlet isn’t even my favorite book of this series (my heart belongs to Cress) but I accidentally fell in love with this scent! I wanted Scarlet’s scents to be reminiscent of her time at Benoit Farms and Gardens so this candle smells of various fruits (mostly citrus), fresh air, and touches of meadow and rain. It’s a very clean, fresh, and airy scent that I absolutely love!

CABESWATER | The Raven Cycle-inspired scent

Cabeswater is another favorite light scent of mine! It smells primarily of meadow so it’s grassy but a little lighter and fresher than a regular “freshly mown grass” kind of scent. The candle is rounded off with notes of rain, fresh outdoors, and fallen leaves. Don’t fear that lavender note if you’re not a fan of lavender! It just brings a tiny floral note to the candle and is actually a lavender chamomile scent so it’s not overpowering in any way.

SHIPPING IT | OTP + couple inspired candle

Shipping It has so many great summery scents! Ocean, sea mist, and other water fragrances blend with scents of clean linens and a touch of driftwood to make you feel like you’re out at sea on a summer day! It’s a great light and beachy fragrance!

WORLD-BUILDING | Reading & writing-inspired candle

I had so much fun coming up with the World-Building candle! It has scents of air, land, and sea like any good world will contain but they’re all lovely, light scents! The air fragrance is aromas of clean, fresh air. Land is a light clover scent, and sea is subtle sea mist blend. This will make you feel like you’re in the great outdoors!

THE WRAITH | Six of Crows-inspired candle

I’m not a floral person but it turns out that I love the smell of gardenias! I selected this scent combination based on a quote from SIX OF CROWS and I just love the sweet floral notes combined with fresh air, clover, and apple to create a sweet and light fragrance that I just want to inhale non-stop!

Do any of these candles top your favorites list? What are some of your favorite summery scents!?

If you’re looking for more summertime scents, don’t forget that you can browse by scent and peruse the entire Novelly Yours collection broken down by your favorite fragrance types!