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The Grishaverse Collection at Novelly Yours

Leigh Bardugo is one of my all-time favorite authors! I am absolutely obsessed with her books and the Shadow and Bone trilogy was one of the first series that inspired me to make my own bookish candles! With the release of THE LANGUAGE OF THORNS today AND an announcement about Nikolai getting his own book series, my Grisha excitement is at the max and I thought it would be a fun time to share more about the Grishaverse-inspired candles here at Novelly Yours! These are all existing candles in the shop (plus a retired scent!) so they’re all available to peruse and purchase now!


The Darkling was one of my very first candles EVER and Novelly Yours rep Brittany (@bookswrotemystory) even has one of the old labels before I did my revamp! The quote that inspired this candle detailed how The Darkling smelled like the absence of smell, so that was difficult inspiration! But it continued to include hints of night and darkness. I thought The Darkling candle should embody his dark side with some dark, stormy, frosty notes on the earthy side and came up with the blend you see and smell today!

Scent profile: earthy & masculine
Scent strength*: medium to potent
Top notes: pine, balsam
Middle notes: ozone, patchouli, musk
Bottom notes: frost, snow, winter air


I originally created Sturmhond for a Pirates & Rogues sampler set but I have such a hard time saying goodbye to my favorite characters! People were practically demanding to keep him around and who was I to say no to that!? We can always use a little more Sturmhond in our lives! Thus, I kept the scents and put them together in a 9oz jar to add to the regular collection! I couldn’t find any direct quotes about what our Wolf of the Waves might smell like so I imagined this privateer sailing out on the open seas, smelling of masculine musk and salty sea!

Scent profile: clean & masculine
Scent strength*: potent to strong
Top notes: musk, ozone
Middle notes: sea mist
Base notes: driftwood, cedarwood


When the SIX OF CROWS candles first starting coming out, every shop had a Kaz or Dregs candle but I wanted to share something for Inej! Since Inej is the Wraith and is technically supposed to smell like nothing, I selected the scents noted in a story about her childhood, where her father describes elements of his relationship with Inej’s mother and a few other things that reminded her of happy times! This candle is light, sweet, and feminine and even if you’re not a floral fan, the gardenia may catch you by surprise!

Scent profile: floral & clean
Scent strength*: potent to strong
Top notes: gardenia
Middle notes: fresh air, baby’s breath, clover
Base notes: apple blossom, apple wood


Matthias was supposed to be a seasonal candle but again, I couldn’t let him go! This big, blonde tulip is one of my favorite members of the Dregs and I just couldn’t say goodbye after Winter 2016 so I added him to line-up! I wanted Matthias to smell icy and snowy, but I didn’t want the element of pine in there. I kind of pictured Matthias in a wasteland of snow, for some reason, and I wanted to add another scent to the icy mix so I came up with tulips! It’s an unusual combination, but I love the reference where Nina and Inej are talking about Matthias and how he regards Nina, calling him a tulip. It seemed too perfect!

Scent profile: clean & floral
Scent strength*: potent to strong
Top notes: tulip, ice, wintergreen
Middle notes: musk, jasmine
Base notes: snow, frost, ozone


Morozova’s Herd was another one of my very first candles but I had since retired it when it wasn’t getting a lot of sales… then of course once I retired it, the demand skyrocketed! I’ve done a few restocks and I’m absolutely planning on bringing it back for the winter season (still in the tins). It’s an earthy, minty scent reminiscent of watching Morozova’s Stag on the hunt for amplifiers!

Scent profile: wintery florals & earthy
Scent strength*: strong
Top notes: peppermint, menthol
Middle notes: Douglas fir, freshly cut grass
Base notes: jasmine, sandalwood, violet

Do any of these candles top your favorites list? Which author do you own the most candles from?