Novelly Yours Candles is currently accepting inquiries for bulk and wholesale orders! From subscription boxes sold online to in-person sales at brick and mortar stores, Novelly Yours is perfect for your candle needs.

About Novelly Yours Candles

Novelly Yours features a variety of book-inspired candles, bringing to life the scents of your favorite characters, scenes, settings, and even bookish themes and concepts! Other candles include and the occasional seasonal, limited-edition, or special event candles inspired by popular TV shows and movies but books are where we thrive!

WHY CHOOSE NOVELLY YOURS? Novelly Yours provides a personal touch to your purchases and ordering experience. The shop is me, owner Brittany Smith, so from ordering to creation, from label designs to fragrance blends to pouring to packaging and all of the customer service in between, your order is handled by one person from start to finish! I take great pride in bringing your custom bulk orders to life, working with stockists and wholesalers, and take great care to quickly and carefully process and deliver order.  I love every process about this business and ensure that I’m producing and delivering the best products possible. 

I’ve worked with many big-name subscription boxes and always make sure to complete orders on or before deadline! I take great pride in delivering what I promise and I always strive towards turning your concept and vision into the final candle as accurately as possible! 


The “regular” sized stock candle is packaged in 9oz glass jars with many other options for various sizes depending on your bulk or wholesale needs. Novelly Yours offers candles in sizes such as:

2oz tins | 2oz glass jars | 4oz tins | 4oz glass jars | 8oz tins | 8oz tumbler jars | 9oz glass jars

2oz and 4oz sizes are most popular to appear in subscription boxes and other special promotional bulk orders, while the 8oz tumblers and 9oz jars are the best sellers for wholesale opportunities in brick and mortar stores! 

All candles are hand-poured by shop-owner Brittany Smith in Oswego, IL (suburb of Chicago). Each candle is made with all-natural soy wax, liquid dye (when applicable), and a blend of essential and man-made oils that make up each fragrance. All tins and glass jars are designed and tested to hold candles and all wicks are zinc-free.


Pricing will vary depending on desired candle size, container (tin vs jar) and for bulk orders, quantity needed. Please email me at or fill out the contact form below to inquire on bulk pricing. I will reply at my earliest convenience which is usually within 24 – 48 hours.

Wholesale requests for candles to be stocked in your brick & mortar store will be processed through the wholesale website at or through Faire

Bulk and/or wholesale pricing is available for large-quantity orders for occasions and opportunities such as:

  • Subscription boxes (customizable color, name, and fragrances)
  • Pre-order promotions
  • Author promotions (for giveaways, book promo, mailings, and more)
  • Wholesale in brick & mortar stores
  • Personal special occasions such as weddings, baby/bridal shower and party favors, and more!

Novelly Yours is currently not accepting wholesale orders for items to be sold in other online shops, only brick and mortar stores. Any reselling of candles will only be permitted with the specific intent of inclusion within a subscription box/bundled package, or through wholesale for brick and mortar storefronts. 

Payment for bulk orders can be processed via credit card, bank transfer, or Paypal via invoice from Novelly Yours. Down payment/partial payment is usually requested for large bulk orders and payment in full is required before I ship your items out to you. Payment in full is requested for smaller bulk orders. I currently do not allow ordering processing on credit terms and all invoices should be paid as noted upon receipt. 

Wholesale orders (for resale in brick & mortar stores) can be placed at the Novelly Yours Wholesale Website, via purchase order for which I can send an invoice, or through Faire. Orders may be paid by credit card, bank transfer, or PayPal. Orders placed via wholesale website will be processed and a separate invoice will be sent for shipping so I can properly quote shipping costs. Orders placed via purchase order will have an invoice generated and emailed including shipping costs. I currently do not utilize special credit terms and all invoices should be paid upon receipt.

All shipping costs are billed to the customer on the invoice/purchase order, or customers may discuss arranging a shipment with their own Fed-Ex or UPS number. All orders will be shipped via USPS or UPS depending on size, cost, and customer’s desired method with tracking number.


Production time will vary depending on the size of the order. Please allow minimum two weeks since we may need to allow time for label design, production, and shipping. Please note that discussion and working out details is not a part of this processing time.

BULK: Depending on the size of the order, supplies will not be ordered until down payment is received and I cannot start production until that point. I will be happy to provide an estimated processing time based on your candle needs! If you are inquiring about an especially large order, please allow sufficient processing time.
WHOLESALE: Processing time usually ranges from 1-2 weeks upon invoice payment. I usually have a fair amount of items in stock but some items may need to be made.


Any custom bulk orders may not be cancelled once the order has gone into production. Any special items specifically ordered for the custom order (specially ordered fragrances, custom labels etc) will not be refunded.

Bulk/wholesale orders that were not customized may be cancelled prior to shipment depending on order size.

Should any items arrived damaged, please take and send photos to me immediately so I may assess and properly handle. Replacements can be sent for any damaged items.

Returns on wholesale/non-customized orders only can be accepted within 90 days of purchase. Items must be unused, unlit, and in good condition. Customer is responsible for any return costs and will not be refunded shipping costs.


Wholesale orders for brick & mortar stores may include any Novelly Yours candle currently sold in the shop. The line sheets below feature some of the most popular selections with wholesale pricing, but nearly any regularly sold item can be ordered for wholesale!  

Minimum of $100 order requested for brick & mortar wholesale orders. Please allow up to two weeks processing time as some items may need to be made, though orders are usually shipped quicker than this. 

  • 4OZ JAR (cotton wick): $3.75 wholesale, $7.50 MSRP
  • 9OZ JAR (cotton wick): $7.25 wholesale, $14.50 MSRP
  • 8OZ TUMBLER JAR (wooden wick): $7.75 wholesale, $15.50 MSRP 

INTERESTED IN PURCHASING WHOLESALE THROUGH FAIRE OR TUNDRA? Register via the widget below OR follow the corresponding link!


For any other bulk/wholesale questions, please send me an email or fill out the form below! I will reply at my earliest convenience. Thank you for considering Novelly Yours Candles!