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Thanks for visiting Novelly Yours Candles, your home for carefully crafted soy candles, inspired by books, pop culture, and more! Each Novelly Yours candle is made with all-natural soy wax, designed with a unique fragrance blend, and hand-poured in the Chicago suburbs.

Take a peek around the website to view the full shop with all available candles in an array of sizes! Popular candles include book-inspired themes like Currently Reading and Book Rainbow, popular fandoms like wizarding candles, and the new Happy + Home collection which features candles for the home, focused on fragrances!

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New Home-Inspired Collection!

Savoring Summer kicks off the brand-new Happy + Home Collection, a distinguished line of home essentials! These candles are carefully crafted with aromatic blends and wooden wicks for a cozy burn and are the perfect way to enjoy the fragrances and quality of Novelly Yours without needing to make a connection to books or pop culture. Burn them any time and every time!

Novelly Yours is owned and run by avid reader and candle-maker Brittany. Each candle is made from all-natural soy wax, crafted with a unique fragrance blend, and is hand-poured in the suburbs of Chicago.

Brittany started Novelly Yours in 2015 when admiring many candles on Etsy but was unable to find candles based off of her favorite book series. After picking up candle-making as a hobby, books became a natural inspiration and she merged her passion for reading and candles by starting Novelly Yours!

Novelly Yours Candles features a variety of book-inspired candles, bringing to life the scents of your favorite characters, scenes, settings, and even generally bookish concepts! Other candles include and the occasional seasonal, limited-edition, special event candles inspired by popular TV shows and movies, and a new “non-bookish” line for the home

Most candles are packaged in 9oz glass jars with many options for sampler packs of 2oz and 4oz jars. Novelly Yours also offers various Candles of the Month, including an 8oz tin, 12oz layered candle, and 2oz sampler pack of four tins, inspired by a book or theme. 

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